10 Amazing Social Media Automation Tools for Business

Stronger web presence has become a prime necessity of every business.

Today, businesses heavily rely on social media platforms so as to market and promote their products and/or services.

Every business has a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, Instagram account and some others like Twitter, Google+.

But, it is a fact that having an account is never enough, you need to drive traffic for better visibility, get more followers, more likes and leads- ultimately, more potential customers!

Hence, SMO (Social media Optimization) has become a crucial part of every business’s marketing strategy and a change to adopt in business.

On a regular basis, businesses restlessly try to strengthen their web presence, post something about their offerings on a regular basis.

For many, logging in to accounts, posting contents, uploading images and videos can prove to be a tiresome task.

Here in this piece of article, I have covered ten tools that can streamline SMO activities while saving your precious time and efforts.

10 Best Social Media Automation tools for Business

Implement these tools to make the most out of your SMO activities.


On top of the list due to many obvious reasons, Agorapulse is the finest tool and a great time saver.

It allows you to plan and schedule your posts/contents on six different social platforms- Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

It comes with Smart Analytics that allow you to track the performance of your content with ease.

This tool can make it easy to become famous on Instagram.

You can easily engage with followers and prospects, re-post contents as and when needed!



Trusted by some of the most recognized businesses and brands, Buffer is unique in its own way.

The user-friendly interface of Buffer separates this intuitive social media management tool from others.

Its comprehensive analytics provide you with the best details about how your social media strategy is doing.

Another benefit of using this tool is that it can provide you with details about the best time to post.

What else business would need?



Probably the most used social media management tools, Hootsuite is rich in features.

This tool supports all the leading social media sites and offers better insights about how your posts are performing.

This is how businesses can effectively manage their finance and money involved in social media marketing.

It offers tons of features out of which sentiment analysis and location-based search are widely popular among businesses or SMO experts.

With this tool, users can track their brand mentions and posts while helping you to look for influencers.



Another widely used and user-friendly tool for content marketers is Schedule.

As the name suggests, Schedule is the best tool for scheduling the posts, allowing you to schedule over 60 posts at once.

You can create a social media calendar and also answer queries directly from this tool.

If any of your posts have performed well in the past, you can publish such contents time and again.

CoSchedule is regarded as one of the cost-effective and easy to use solution for businesses.

You can re-queue and provide customer support with this tool.



There are only a handful of tools that help you to find the trending contents related to your domain, and Buzzsumo is no exception.

Business today need to go with viral contents and Buzzsumo makes it easier and hassle-free.

User can easily automate the research only by providing the relevant keywords.

Question analyzer, Content analyzer and Facebook analyzer are among the most loved features of this tool.



The tool allows you to track Hashtags and keywords in real time, allowing you to never miss a conversation.

When it comes to tedious tasks like keyword analysis and brand monitoring, this tool makes everything easier.

In addition to this, reports generated by this tool can be exported in CSV file with just a few clicks.



It takes just a few clicks to get your posts shared across multiple social media profiles.

It allows you to look at trending topics with total ease.

This tool is quite helpful for businesses looking for new ideas.

Users with this tool can curate trending topics on a variety of parameters.

Moreover, you can integrate this tool with websites and WordPress blogs.

Filters can be applied to measure the ROI of your contents.

It comes with a smart content calendar, allowing you to post with ease.



Now you can save any content with freely available Chrome extension as Pocket is alike Pinterest for contents.

More than 2 Billion posts have already been saved by this application and it is one of the lightest tool available today.

The iOS and Android app of this platform allow users to post and do more from anywhere at any time.



The tool was only to manage followers on Instagram and Twitter, but now it has updated and transformed into one of the most useful social media management tools.

Crowdfire is sure to meet all your social media automation needs as it allows to located inactive Twitter users so that you can unfollow them.

“Copy Follower” feature of this tool is must try.



It brings all your social media platforms under one roof, SocialPilot strengthens collaboration with the team while allowing to work on a dedicated campaign.

The tool supports 200 social media accounts and 500 posts; social media calendar maintenance and bulk uploading make it the tool for the future.

SocialPilot also has an exciting Custom Facebook Branding feature that is quite useful.


Final Words

Businesses today cannot market their products and/or services without an effective SMO strategy and hence, these tools are no less than blessings.

Try these tools and implement the one that best fits your business needs.


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