10 Entrepreneurship Lessons to Learn from your Mother

My Mother is a Homemaker!

Every single HR professional out there must be pretty familiar with this sentence.

But, how many of us really recognize how tough being a homemaker could be?

Is there anything common between a home manager and entrepreneur?

Yes, there is a lot in common; a fresh pair of eyes is must address those common factors.

This piece of article effectively highlights those 10 entrepreneurship lessons to learn from your mother.

After going through this piece, you will prefer calling your mom a home manager instead of a homemaker.

Learn these 10 Entrepreneurship Lessons from your Mother

Check these lessons out and let’s see how many moms are doing the job of an entrepreneur at home.

Time Management

Do you remember how many times have you been late in reaching the office? Or how many business meetings you have reached late in?

You must have a list of those delays, the lack of time management.

Now let’s talk about your mom.

How many times has she delayed in keeping your lunch box in your bag knowing it’s your office time? What was the last time when she failed to keep your belongings at their appropriate place?

You will have to think over it and I am sure you won’t find a single day missed.

This is the way super moms manage time in your home despite having endless tasks to complete.

Ask your mom how she does it!

 The role of your Manager Mom begins the Second she wakes up!



You, as an entrepreneur, must be consistently chasing your goals. You are surely consistent and you know it well what best you can do in a day.

You must be getting some days off though, maybe Saturday or Sunday, 5 days a week working trend no?

Have you ever noticed your mom chasing and achieving her home managing goals every day?

The time she will go to bed will be the time she is done with endless home management tasks.

You can see her doing these tasks 7 days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year, all without fail.

Yes, our moms are more consistent than we as entrepreneurs are.



One of the most important entrepreneur skills, multitasking in such a fast-paced world is a prime necessity.

How many tasks can you handle at once? I am sure not more than your mom can.

Your mom is capable of handling multiple tasks at a time and she will complete it all in time.

With one hand she can cook food; on the other, she will be doing something else.

Start noticing the number of jobs she does for you and your home.



How good are you when you negotiate on projects and costs? Can you crack the deal in your favor?

If you want to learn how to negotiate, spend some time with your mom shopping.

She knows the prices of everything from grocery to fruits and vegetables, still, she negotiates.


 Stress Management

At times, you may find yourself in need of a pause, a cup of coffee or a day out with your friends.

When you are loaded with work, you will have a pause to bounce back to work.

When did you see your mom taking a pause from her daily routine?

She is consistent in doing her tasks, you will never know when she is stressed, and she will always have a smile on her face.

Ask her how she manages her stress.

Your mom is mentally strong and you must learn the same from her.




Prioritizing the work is necessary to complete the task that matters the most. Now you can move to other less important tasks and accordingly define your schedule.

Some behavioural qualities of an entrepreneur can be learnt from your mom.

How your mom prioritizes her work is worth learning.

She knows from all her daily routine tasks, which one is more important and how can she finish all of them in time.

She really does more than what you can think of.



Sometimes you may fail to make better financial decisions for your business; you know how to cope up later though.

Some entrepreneur women make billions in just 4 days, can you believe it?

You can never know how much money your mom saves to deal with the expenses.

She has a budget of the entire month, without any issue she can tackle expenses and also save by the end of the month.

Believe me or not, your business needs an accountant just like your mom.



Things take time, you know it, great things are cannot be achieved overnight.

But, when it will take more time than expected, most entrepreneurs can lose patience. Being a short temper is not good for great.

Nothing frustrates your mom, no matter how many tasks she has in her hand.

She does everything with total ease as she knows how to stay calm when things are messy.



Repetitive tasks are frustrating, aren’t they?

You need some time to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Ask your mom how she does the same task of cooking, cleaning, managing the same home and same family repetitively.

These are essential skills you need to learn an exceptional entrepreneur and it will help you take your business in many ways.



To understand your employees and your customers, you need to put yourself in their shoes.

Understand their concerns, needs and deliver accordingly to make your business successful.

Your mom keeps herself in everyone’s shoes when she wants to understand what exactly you need.

In most cases, she will give you before even you will ask.


Final Words

So, now you must have come to know how many entrepreneurship skills your mom already owns.

Learn these skills daily and make sure that you implement the same in your daily routine to take your business to another level.


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