10 Travel Gadgets That Are a Must Carry For A Great Traveling Experience

There are a lot of motives behind people traveling. Sometimes it is business and sometimes its pleasure. But one this is always going to be constant, the excitement, fun, and all the lows and highs that come with traveling. With different reasons to travel, there is a common notion that every traveler always shares, and that is to pack as light as they can.
Traveling is sometimes very demanding and stressful. Carrying a heavy pack will not only require some extra bucks from your pocket, but it will also entail more energy and strength to carry it around airports, train and bus stations, hotels and sightseeing. It will also increase your responsibilities.
So my opinion about traveling and packing is totally against keeping unimportant stuff and every grain of extra weight.

Replace your extra items with multi-purpose, lightweight traveling gadgets

Every mode of traveling is different and every destination requires packing a different backpack. If you travel in business class flights, you can carry a bit extra as business class passengers can take some extra luggage without paying more, and they are also fast-tracked through boarding, immigration, and any other transit.
But not all can travel in business class, and some of us are always looking for cheapest flights to anywhere so that we can save our hard earned money here and there.
There are some great travel gadgets in the market, which we always need to keep in our backpacks no matter where we are headed. Sometimes, you need to carry such gadgets for an enhanced travel experience. Your nature of travel can vary a lot, and we may share some items that you don’t necessarily want in your travel.
So for this reason, you need to acquire knowledge of the place or the nature of your tour before packing your bag. Sometimes, a trekking or hiking tour may require different gadgets in your backpack, and wandering in any ancient ruins may require another.

13 Travel Gadgets to enhance your traveling experience

With all that stated, the following are some travel gadgets you should carry while traveling to any destination. They will always help you enhance your traveling experience.
So besides your smartphone, we highly recommend you to keep them with you all the time.

1. Universal Gadgets

The following items are a must to go out on any trip whether it is hiking on any trail, or wandering in a city.

2. GPS Smart Watch

A GPS enabled smartwatch is a new technological innovation that has taken this world by storm. This watch comes in all shapes and colors, and you can practically monitor all your distance covered, your exact position, altitude, and height gain and lost, heartbeats, calorie, and much more.
This watch can also help you connect with your smartphone to get notifications. GPS watch doesn’t need an internet connection to show your location, as it is directly connected with satellites. But you can still connect it with internet via Wi-Fi to play music or use social media.

3. Universal plug adapter

This list topper is indeed the best thing to keep in your traveling backpack. No matter what your destination is, this universal plug adapter is the solution to all the different sockets you see at hotels, airports or any other place where you can charge your mobile phone or laptop.
So always keep one in your luggage and try to carry it on a daypack when on a sightseeing tour of any city.

4. Noise-canceling headphones

Not all headphones and hands-free are noise-canceling. I specifically recommend getting one noise-canceling headphone as sometimes you can end up on the wing seat of an aircraft where all the noise of turbo-jet engines can eat your head.
They are also helpful when traveling on local transport or a train. They help you sleep peacefully at the noisiest places. So it’s a must from my side.

5. Portable charger

It is highly imperative to carry a portable charger in a daypack. Your mobile phone, camera, laptop or any other electronic gadget battery can run out at any time and there must be a way to charge them firsthand. Portable chargers can charge your batteries in a car, hotel, airport, party, or any other place.

6. Portable memory/USB Hard drive

This device can be of extreme help if you are a professional photograph, videographer, or a traveling enthusiast who loves to click more than others. Mobile phones, cameras, and laptops can easily run out of space and when you are traveling, it can cause great inconvenience. So I recommend you to always carry a source of backup memory so that you can easily click with a peace of mind.

7. Power bank

Power bank has become a great gadget to carry everywhere. You don’t know when your smartphone will run out all of its power. So it is important not only to carry it when traveling, but also when moving between your office, home, shopping, and leisure.

8. Hiking essentials

There are multiple gadgets I would recommend when you are going on a hiking or trekking trip. Try to carry them for a safe and sound trip.

9. Solar Charger

When going on any hiking tour, or a certain trekking trail, it is important to keep a solar charger along with any other power bank or extra battery you are carrying. When you are trekking on a trail that takes multiple days to finish, you may need a solar charger as a backup for all your electrical instruments.
Just in case you met an accident or any other sort of emergency, you will have a way to contact others and inform them about your situation.

10. Camp Shelter

Keeping a camp for a shelter is also a wise choice for any trekker, even though he or she may not need it. Trekking trails can sometimes get rough due to rain or snowfall, and you never know when you become too exposed to the climate.

11. A waterproof down jacket

You can either keep a down jacket and a raincoat separately, but this will always take more space in your rucksack. Packing one down jacket that is made from waterproof fabric will ease all your weight issues. In this way, you can easily save some space and carry a lighter load.

12. Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army Knife has all sorts of knives and other important instruments that you may need on any trekking trip. It is important to keep it with you all the time when you are going on a hiking trip. Some Swiss Army Knives are even equipped with spoons, small flashlights, compasses, and cork openers.

13. Compass

Keeping a compass every time with you on a trekking trail is always going to save your life. When you travel without a compass on a trekking trip, you are always vulnerable and in a difficult position if something doesn’t go with a plan.
Some other essentials to keep:

  • Flashlights
  • Satellite phone or any other communication channel
  • Sunscreen lotion/gel
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Bivouac Shelter
  • Foot warmers
  • Sleeping bag

Although you can keep more items and gadgets with you, especially the one you are comfortable with. Always try to carry these items for a comfortable, easy, convenient, and safe travel.


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