20 Ways You Will Sound Unprofessional During Interview

The job market is competitive than ever before, and there are no two ways about it!

A small mistake can lead to rejection, cost you the job.

Unknowingly, you might be making a few mistakes that are preventing you to get the job you want.

Those few minutes of the interview can change and simplify your life, but you can’t sound unprofessional or rude.

In this piece of article, I am covering a few important points that job seekers need to take care of when they go for an interview.

Check out these 20 ways you will sound unprofessional during the interview, and never make such a mistake ever!

With this in mind, you will never have to face problems in your career.


What Sounds Unprofessional During Interview

If you make these mistakes during the interview, you are surely out of the competition. Read carefully!


How Long Shall I Wait? Or I am Waiting for so Long

Interviewers make you sit to check your patience.

When they tell you to wait for a while, just smile and say “Sure”.

Such questions reflect your lack of patience and interest in the job. Have you got something more important than a job interview?

Plan your day in a certain way that even if the interview takes a couple of extra hours, you can wait!


What does the Company Do?

This question is a mistake.

Didn’t you get the time to Google and find some details about the company?

It is a very bad impression, even if you have a few minutes, check the company website and at least read about the products/services offered by the company.


Yes, I Know I am late

No matter how lazy or busy you are, you can reach late anywhere you want, but not for an interview.

No matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are, arriving late for the interview is the worst mistake you can make.

Even if you are late, make sure you have a genuine reason, don’t re-confirm your interviewer that you are late.


I am in a Hurry!

The interviewer will decide the time when you will leave.

If you are in a hurry, they will ask you to leave early, but without a job!

Never be in a hurry when you are undergoing an interview, buy yourself some extra time.


Can I have a Coffee/Cup of Tea?

Don’t ask for such stuff unless your interviewer offers you. When you get a cup of coffee, don’t forget to say thanks!

Make sure that your words reflect manners and politeness when you talk.


So many “I am”s and “You Know”s!

Too much use of “I am” I am” and “You know” “You know” is awkward during the interview.

Find some new words that add value to your language and also make sure to avoid repetition of the same words.


I was Expecting a Better Office!

If you say this, indirectly, you mean you don’t like the office, so how will you be able to work there for long?

Interviewers will never accept such negative words from any employee and you will be shown the way out of the office.


I am Shy, what if I don’t Work as a Team Player

Represent yourself as a great team player if you want to score some points.

Don’t ask the interviewer such questions that what is the circumstance while failing to work in a team, the results are obvious.

You need to think big if you want to succeed.


How Old are You? Are you Married? Do You Have Kids?

Sometimes, employees get too much involved in the conversation and they get too personal with the HRs.  

Understand the difference between a formal intro and an interview.

Don’t ask her how old she is, if she is married or not or any other personal question.


I have Heard This about CEO, is it True?

No matter how many gossips or rumours you have had heard about the company or the CEO, don’t ever talk about that during the interview.


Anyone I should Avoid in Office?

The interviewer is sure to avoid you if you will ask such a question in an interview.

Before even knowing your team, you can’t start things off with such questions.


I don’t have any Weakness!

No one is perfect! Every individual has his/her own strengths and weaknesses.

Analyze them and find the right answer when you are asked about your weaknesses.


Will I get this Job? Or am I selected?

Interviewers will take some time to analyze your profile and skills.

They never answer immediately after the interview.

It shows that you have lost your confidence.

You will get a call if you will be selected, don’t be in a rush or don’t be too excited regardless of how well you performed during the interview.


How Did You Get This Job?

It is none of your business how the interviewer or the HR got the job. Avoid asking such questions from the HRs.


Who are you Voting for?

No matter how interested you are in politics, keep it aside when you are in an interview.


This is the Weakness of your Company!

Finding someone’s weakness or mistake is easy, don’t highlight or say such things.

Don’t find mistakes in others, especially in the company you are being interviewed.


Don’t be too Cool- Dude, GF, BF, Ladies…

Make use of proper words, avoid short forms.

Using such chatting kind of words don’t work in an interview.

HR will send you a “LOL” Instead of appointment letter!


I need to Attend a Call!

I need to Attend a Call
I need to Attend a Call

Very basic and easy to understand when you are going for an interview, keep your phone off!

Make and attend all your calls prior to or after the interview.


I am in need of a Job!

No matter how much you need the job, don’t reflect or tell it to your interviewer.

Everyone needs a job, but if you will tell it directly, it’s not a good impression.

During the interview, you need to be mentally strong.


Shall We Start?

Introduce yourself first, allow your interviewer to initiate the conversation and ask you questions.

The time HR will tell you- do you have any question? That’s the time you can ask some genuine questions.


Summing it up

If you ignore to ask such questions…


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