2019 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Fuel Up Competition

Needless to say, digital marketing has become an integral part of businesses for their branding, growth, and success. Year after year, I discuss what digital marketing has in the future. Why not? Trends in digital marketing have always surprised digital marketing enthusiasts, as they experience something new, advanced, and latest.
So 2019 is near, and I am again going to discuss what trends in digital marketing can be seen in 2019.
If you are new to digital marketing, I recommend you to Learn Digital Marketing as it has a great scope in the future from both career and business perspective. Business can significantly improve customer experience, trigger interactions, and drive accomplishments by making their employees understand the scope of digital marketing.
It’s time to discuss the digital marketing trends that businesses are likely to confront in 2019.

AI and digital marketing are going to tie a knot

AI plays a major role in informing brands about the buying habits of customers. Taking advantage of AI-based software, businesses can curate their marketing strategies by acknowledging shopping trends and buying patterns.
The power of machine learning is that it can analyze tons of data of a specific consumer and recommend you the best possible time to contact him/her. You will even get to know the subject titles you should use in your emails to increase the probability of the open rate.
AI has empowered pay per click, conversion rate optimization, and content creation thereby helping businesses engage their audiences in a better way.

Image search and voice search

Now you can find details of any book, painting, landmark, business card, etc., by uploading images to Image search. Using image search along with voice search enables businesses to fasten their regular business operations and experience the best of their brands.

An era of chatbots

Fast, subtle, and round the clock services, if you have ever desired, chatbots are worth giving a try. Chatbots have changed the way brands present their products to their customers as they answer to customer queries 24/7.
Social media marketing has got a boost with the advancement of chatbots. Customers now absorb content more and enjoy customer services, and check transactional engagements. Moreover, customers can purchase from chatbots nowadays rather than using social media.
Chatbots are based on deep learning that helps them recognize a specific pattern or data. This data is recorded, and whenever a chatbot faces a similar query, an accurate result is displayed.

The video is here to stay

Though videos are already in trend, businesses have still not tapped the potential of videos completely. According to a report by Wyzowl, 74% of people decide to buy a product when they see the product in action.
Placing videos on landing pages can boost the conversion rate up to 80%. A short video has definitely a leg over a lengthy post as visitors are likely to understand things in a short time.
A video sticks a visitor to the website for about two minutes which is impossible to achieve through only content.

Personalization is mandatory

Personalization is critical to unlocking more customers. Here personalization means personalized emails, products, content, etc. Access to customer data has become easier as businesses can themselves avail of any type of data like customer behavior, purchase history, etc.
A survey reveals that 96% of marketers make their relationships with customers stronger by personalizing everything.
According to marketing lead at EmailMonks Kevin George, emails are going to be personalized in 2019. He believes that personalized emails have a high open rate as compared to random emails.
Tech giants, such as Netflix and Amazon have already shifted to personalization, especially when it comes to text, artwork, emails, etc.


2019 is undoubtedly going to strengthen digital marketing in many ways. Competition is going to rise, but you can surely outpace competitors by learning digital marketing as you need to stay abreast of its technicalities. Not only will you get a step closer to automation, but you will also be able to plan your future marketing strategies.


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