4 Sure-Shot Ways to Simplify Your Life

Discover a Way of Life with more freedom, peace, and joy.


Choosing a simpler way of life helps you make room for more important things, like friends, family, and satisfying ways to spend your days.

From sorting priorities of the heart to clearing out the clutter in your house, this article will help you focus on the essentials and encourages you to nurture a deep and fulfilling relationship with yourself.


“Lives based on having are less free than lives based either on doing or being.”

-William James


1. Jump off the Merry-Go-Round

Simplifying your life sounds like an impossible dream in a hectic, overworked, overscheduled world.

The endless whirl of activities and demands of modern living often feel like an out-of-control merry-go-round, spinning you in circles and taking you nowhere.

Stop working

You don’t have to stay on the merry-go-round. Your decision to step off and start in another direction is all it takes.

Begin by making one small change in your life: clear some clutter, make more space in your calendar, and spend more time meditating.

Think of ways to simplify and change the direction of your life.

2. Honor Simple Truths

You were taught these simple truths when you were a child: say “Thank you.” Share your toys. Be kind to others. Trust God. Take frequent naps. Be content with what you have.


The homespun heart wisdom still applies, no matter how sophisticated your adult world seems to be: be grateful for what you have.

Share your wealth with others, and you’ll have true riches. Lend a helping hand to create a warm-hearted community. Do what’s right. Savor what you have at this moment. Honor these simple truths and you will be blessed.

You can start by taking out time to initiate conversation with someone you admire. Ask what simple truths have guided him or her through life.

3. Clean a Closet

Life is much easier when your living space is clear of clutter. You are able to find what you need without scrabbling through miscellaneous junk.

An ordered space in which you live and work is sure to give you more mental space for creative thinking. You will breathe a sigh of relief in the pristine order and beauty you have created.


The mountain of cleaning and clearing may look daunting, but take it one small step at a time. Start with a closet or cupboard to put in order.

You don’t vacuum, sweep, dust, and mop everything in one day, tackle one or two rooms, and just straighten and fluff in the rest of the house.

Then you’ll have the pleasant accomplishment of one cleared space to encourage your further efforts.

4. Create Simple Entertainment

Feeding the birds offers one simple form of entertainment. Inexpensive homemade entertainment can also include old-fashioned games like charades or musical chairs.

Tossing a Frisbee in the park, playing tag, or setting up a game of volleyball brings people together to enjoy their own amusements.

board games

Have a movie evening with plenty of popcorn to share with friends or family. Host a simple potluck to celebrate a full moon or the first rose of summer or the last day before the school starts.

You can also gather a few friends for an easy potluck picnic in the park. Bring a ball and enjoy a game of catch before sitting down to eat.

The simplest things can bring friends and family together for a good time.


Your simplicity mantra should be to lighten, relax, eliminate and soothe.

Get rid of negative feelings to lighten up, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to let go of grudges.

Do things that calm you down and make you feel relaxed like meditating and yoga. Eliminate negative thoughts and people from your life.

Lastly, do things that soothe you like lending a helping hand, watching the sunset or just enjoy some good music.


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