5 Reasons Why Infographics Really Work

Importance of infographics cannot be ignored in today’s day and age.


Infographics have become one of the most powerful marketing tools that assist in building communication and promote information sharing.

I mean there’s got to be some reason why almost all leading organizations promote their content using infographics in social media.

In this article, I bring you five reasons why infographics video are such a rage and why you need to include them in your marketing plan:


#1 Break Down Complex Information

Humans are designed to process information in three styles; through sensorial means, visually or auditory. It is found that most individuals are ‘visual learners.’

Additionally, it is found that human brains process images faster than words.

Infographics combine statistics, data, and images in a visually compelling story. This makes it easier for audiences or customers to quickly grasp data trends, figures, and facts.


#2 User-Friendly

Do you know when is data most potent?

When it’s presented in a visual format.

Create a quality infographic that strikes a balance between data, text and visual elements. This will help in capturing your audience’s attention and informing and educating them at the same time.

Remember, an infographic must be attractive, memorable and align with the company’s brand style.


#3 Easy to Share

Like I mentioned earlier, a well-thought infographic will instantly gain popularity and will be shared across all popular social media channels.

This not only helps you deliver your message to your audience but also increases website traffic and improves search engine rankings.


#4 Enhance Communication

Infographics are not just easy to read but also enhance communication because of one simple reason: they are self-explanatory.

Quality infographics generate prompt responses since they do not require any specialized knowledge.


#5 Enormous Potential

Infographics have serious viral potential. Strategically targeting your audience and building quality infographics will help you enhance your brand profile via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, to name a few.


Still Not Convinced?

Try this: Close this article once you’re done reading the in-article content and the infographic (below). Now, try recalling all the points I discussed in this article.


Chances are, you’ll be able to recall the infographic instead of the text simply because the human mind retains just about 10% of text we read.

Images, on the other hand, tend to make a stronger, more profound impression.


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