5 Tips To Show Gratitude And Boost Your Team’s Motivation

You might be paying them for the work they do, but your employees try just as hard to make your company a success and are the reason why you are still in business.
Therefore, you don’t need to wait for Employee Appreciation Day to recognize your team’s hard work and efforts. Showing them that their efforts are appreciated can help boost their morale and motivation and significantly increase workplace effectiveness and productivity.
As a matter of fact, an infographic by Work.com shows that 69 per cent of employees work harder when they feel appreciated, whereas, 54 per cent would quit at a company that doesn’t make them feel valued.
So, it is high time that you recognize your team! Whether you want to do something quick and easy or need some budget-friendly tips, here are some clever and meaningful ways you can jumpstart your team appreciation efforts!

1. Handwritten Notes

Take your greeting cards to the next level by handwriting personal notes to each member of your team. This can be done when they’ve achieved something specific, celebrating their birthdays or even service anniversaries.
Specifically mention some of their biggest accomplishments during the month or year, express your gratitude for all the hard work they’ve given in order to meet their goals. This is a great way to show your appreciation and will make them feel valued by yourself and the company.

2. Unexpected Perks

You probably already offer your team some employee perks such as incentives for all their dedication and hard work. However, it does not hurt to give a little extra.
Unexpected perks may cost your business very little, like shortened work days after a major project, an extra day off, casual dress days, treating them to something fun and even the flexibility of working at home for a day or two. Or invest a little more to give your team a job well-done bonus or office party.

3. Practical, Personal Gifts

You should know a lot about your team since you work side-by-side on a daily basis. So, let that knowledge guide you in your selection of gifts to ensure that you are giving something that will be appreciated and valued by each team member.
If your employee is into fitness and health, consider giving them Barrons workwear, a healthy snack, a monthly subscription to a fitness magazine or a fitness tracker. If she’s a chocolate fanatic, a basket filled with her favorites is a good idea. What about the employee who is a proud pet parent? A gift meant for their dog or cat can be perfect!

4. Business-Funded Family Days

Most of us struggle with finding a balance between life and work. So, give your team the chance to achieve the perfect balance for a day by paying for a local trip with their family for a bit of relaxation and fun.
You can fund the entire day— travel fees, meals and admission fees— or just give a gift card for a part of the day and a free day off. This is not only meaningful, but your employee will surely come back to the office refreshed and ready to be more productive.

5. Treat them with good food

Bring in the pizza and donuts and feed your employees during lunch. Or, if you have a small team, then you can treat everyone to dinner and create an opportunity for team bonding. Take everyone out to a local restaurant then pay for everything. Maybe you can even consider hosting a dinner party at your own home for an enjoyable and relaxed evening.
This type of reward not only brings your team together and strengthen their relationship, but it also gives them the opportunity to unwind and give them the feeling of being appreciated for all their hard work.


Employee and team appreciation will never get old. As a matter of fact, in most businesses and organizations, employee appreciation is usually a scarce commodity. So, why don’t you make your workplace the exception of the rule, and make use of every opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation and gratitude to your employees, thus, boosting your team’s motivation and productivity!


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