5 Tried and Tested Methods to Impress Your New Boss

Learn the difference between gossiping and subtle snooping.


Unless your job title is Duchess of Sussex or you’re a queen of a particular province, you will have to report to someone.

Now, if you start with your new boss on a good note, we believe that your boss will return the favor (read: not make your life an absolute nightmare).


  1. Find out what really matters

Before you get excited and pull up your socks (and obviously *royally* eff up things) we suggest you sit down for your new boss for a minute and discuss important issues.

Find out what really matters and what are your boss’s expectations and how do they expect you to meet those expectations.

Be frank and open with your boss as it will help you understand them better and vice versa.

Don’t make false commitments else you’ll land up in a lot of trouble which will eventually lead to burnout.


  1. Know your predecessor

Use some subtle snooping techniques from Nancy Drew if that’s what it takes to pry a little and know who you replaced.

Find out how previous assignments and projects turned out – be mindful and don’t make it about people but about the job duties and responsibilities.

Don’t mind asking your co-workers or your boss about it.

Ask if there’s anything that they’d like you to do that wasn’t being done by your predecessor or if there’s something they really liked about the other person or about you that you can continue to do.

This way, you won’t be indulging in office gossip or trash-talking about a former employee.


  1. Set “communication” rules early on

Ask your boss or manager to set the communication rules within the first two weeks of starting the job. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s not.

To keep the lines of communication running smoothly, it is important to know how you can contact them and where.

Do they prefer voice calls or texts or emails? What should you be doing and how frequently can you do that without peeving them and looking like a total moron?


  1. Be punctual

Being punctual matters more than you think it does. So, make it a habit of reaching before the expected time.

Always running late to office and important meetings will definitely have a negative impact on your reputation.

Stop procrastinating and plan things in advance. Help your coworkers if you’re early to earn the extra brownie points!


  1. DON’T be overconfident

You might know what you’re doing but there’s always someone who’s doing it better than you.

Don’t flaunt your skills or your work; if it’s good, people around you will automatically praise it.

You don’t have to take a megaphone and announce your qualities, just be silent and well, let your work make the noise.

Rest assured, these tips will get you off with a fantastic start!


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