5 Ways to Build A Reputation at Work

For starters, silence your phone.


1. Step Away From Social Media

Develop the habit of checking your social media post work or during lunch break (if necessary).

While being updated on social media seems tempting, it doesn’t really help you build a good reputation.

It’s a no-brainer that it helps in doing the complete opposite. Silence your phone and control the urge to check every notification during office hours.

Step away from social media

2. Step in Early and Leave Late

Getting into the office at least 15 minutes before your office and staying in for 30 minutes after your boss’s left will immensely help you gain a good relationship with your co-workers.


3. Be Super-polished

An immaculate dress sense and good manners go a long way when it comes to gaining a favorable reputation.

Being super-polished especially with small things like your outfit, your posture, or the way you respond to calls and emails can make you appear more mature and confident.

Be super-polished


4. Don’t Drink Like a Fish

It’s never a good idea to get sloshed with your co-workers, and definitely not one when you’re knocking yourself out to be in the good books.

Be polite and sip on your drink. You’ll save yourself the embarrassment of throwing all over yourself and making a fool out of yourself (probably by 10 P.M.).

Don’t drink like a fish

5. Feeling doubtful? Then don’t do it.

Unsure about adding that slide in your presentation? Don’t. Unsure about wearing that skirt to office? Don’t.

Always respect feelings of doubt, especially during the time when you want to showcase your best qualities and appear more responsible and mature.

Feeling doubtful? Then don’t do it.


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