6 apps That Will Make Business Management a Breeze

Business owners, especially ones just starting out or running a small-sized one, can find themselves wearing many hats. They must keep an eye on the daily operations to ensure that business runs smoothly. Besides that, they could also be managing bookkeeping, employee benefits, and payroll. If you find yourself in such a situation, handling everything at once can mean you are left with little time to focus on your business.
You can lighten your load and make business management a breeze by getting great apps to do some of the work for you! For instance, remember when the bulky ledger books were replaced by Quickbooks and how it sped up matters? Just like manual bookkeeping helped make managing a business easier, the apps mentioned below can change the game for you.
We have selected apps that can take care of various aspects of running a business. Here they are:


If you are a small business owner, you are unlikely to have the budget to extend it in hiring a payroll and benefits specialist. That means you or another employee might be juggling this task along with other duties. However, issues like employment tax management can quickly turn into a quagmire.
Since screwing up isn’t an option and may have serious legal consequences, you may want to use an app like Gusto. Formerly known as ZenPayroll, this app will simplify employee benefits and payroll for you. With that aspect back on track, as the company founder, you can focus on other important tasks.

Square Point of Sale

The point of sale system revolutionized how businesses are run forever. Unfortunately, you can’t carry it around when you are on the go. While you are out meeting investors and the like, business management may lag behind. Consider using the app Square Point of Sale to assist you in this regard. Not only will the app let you accept payments anywhere you happen to be, but it also has other advantages.
For instance, it can be used to transform any mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones into mobile POS systems. Its features include the ability to accept payments made via credit, EMV chip, and debit cards, as well as, mobile payments. Best of all, its iOS and Android versions are available to you for free!


If your business takes you places and you find yourself frequently traveling, keeping the flight details straight can become a hassle. Tripit presents you with an elegant and efficient system that will store such details for you. It allows you to organize your travel itinerary, i.e., everything from confirmations for hotels, rental cars, flights, and restaurants will be on one app! You’ll receive immediate notifications about any last-minute changes, such as delayed flights. You can even use Tripit to keep your employees up to date by sharing your travel details with them.


Certain projects demand multiple teams or employees to collaborate with each other. Most business owners no longer let little quibbles like employees located in different areas geographically stop them from hiring the right talent. But the time difference may hamper your plans. An app like Slack will allow remote workers to connect with each other via video.
You and your managers can also monitor the teams hard at work whenever you want. Slack even integrates with other useful apps like HeyTaco!. With HeyTaco, you can celebrate the company’s and its employees’ accomplishments throughout the day. But more importantly, one click, and you can communicate with them via video because of Slack!

The Scrum Board

Many software companies use Scrum as a project management tool. It is time that you did so too! With this app in hand, you can adapt to unforeseen changes much quicker. No more lagging behind or delayed project completion! It will make it possible to get things done well before their deadlines.
Scrum provides its users with daily stand-ups so that you can oversee every aspect of a project. It puts different teams’ contributions on the scrum board providing an overview. Scrum keeps evolving with your company’s evolving needs too!


For retail businesses, it is crucial that the movement of items in the inventory be kept under constant surveillance. If brands like Walmart didn’t know what was going on in their warehouses, they wouldn’t be able to serve their customers so well.
Your business might not be substantial-sized yet, but you can use Skustack to keep track of it. This Android Warehouse Management System or WMS is a next-generation solution that can make managing warehouse inventory easier for online retail businesses.
Since your e-commerce business is different from a brick and mortar store in many aspects, it requires unique solutions. Skustack can be used by most online multi-channel merchants, making business management and compliance easier for them. While your business might lack the infrastructure of a physical store, it can benefit from inventory information being stored in the cloud. Managing the inventory can become simpler, and relevant employees can access it regardless of where they are!
The app is available for use on various Android devices if they are version 4.1 and up. It has been honed with special attention to customer feedback so you can depend on it to work seamlessly. Moreover, it can be used in tandem with Sellercloud, giving the dual systems a much deeper reach into your warehouse inventory.
Having a passion for running a business of your own will help you get started. Launching a business might have taken considerable resources and business skills. However, success will only be certain if you are also able to manage the said business well. Making sure that your organization will survive would mean putting all your business skills to work.
The apps we have mentioned above will take you even farther. While they do their jobs, you can concentrate on doing yours, i.e., making informed management decisions that allow your business to grow and prosper. Just remember to beware of Airg Spam and only download apps from reputable sources!


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