6 Corporate Retreat Ideas

When it comes to banding the team together and boosting morale, there is nothing better than a company retreat. However, finding the perfect location for your employees can be difficult. You need to consider your budget, the personality of your employees, and you need to choose a place and activities all your team will enjoy. Here are 6 corporate retreat ideas for all teams and budgets.

  • Back to the Basics

One of the simplest corporate retreat ideas, that can be incredibly budget-friendly, is going back to the basics and camping in nature. If you get the timing right, all teams large and small can enjoy a sunny outdoor break together. Camping entails spending time in the great outdoors. Think setting up camp, cooking outdoor meals, hiking, and sitting around a campfire enjoying each other’s company.

  • Go Glamping

If you love the idea of going back to the basics but you’re not quite sure your team is outdoorsy enough to enjoy camping, why not try glamping instead? Set up camp without actually setting up camp at a beautiful outdoor spot that offers shepherd huts, yurts, or luxurious tents. This type of company retreat gives your team the chance to spend quality time outdoors, but without the hassle of pitching their tent. It is a laid-back idea that can be cost-effective for small and large groups of employees.

  • Attend an Industry Conference

Employees with a specific shared work interest can benefit from attending an industry conference together. Attending a conference as a group can help reinforce your company’s vision and values and can help your team stay focused in the long run. It also gives everyone something to look forward to on their work calendar. Although this retreat revolves around a work-related event, your employees can spend their spare time exploring the area and enjoying meals together. It is a great idea to arrange group transport for your team so that they can begin socializing together from the beginning. The Minibus Centre provides minibus leasing solutions for companies of all sizes and can help pair you with the perfect vehicle for your company’s needs.

  • Focus on Wellness

A wellness retreat is all about unplugging and recuperating from daily life and feeling zen. A wellness retreat at a spa resort is a great idea for companies who have the cash to splash, or who want to splurge for a special occasion. With activities such as going to the spa, practicing yoga, and massage therapy, this company retreat can help melt your employees’ tension away.

  • Explore a New City as a Team

City breaks can be as splashy or as cost-effective as you like, and it gives your employees a chance to explore a new place as a team. Whether it’s group trips to museums and galleries, bus tours, or simply strolling around the city together, city breaks give teams a chance to form meaningful bonds.

  • Local Retreat

Company retreats needn’t take place in far-off locales around the country. In fact, you can indulge your team without leaving your town or city. Make the most of your local area and host your retreat closer to home. For something a bit different, focus your retreat on fun activities, such as wine tastings or a scavenger hunt.



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