There’s no silver bullet in personal finance management. We find reads that are tailored to your needs.


You want: To finally start #Adulting

Read: Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry

Here’s why: The young, dumb and broke shtick gets old pretty soon. Personal finance expert Erin Lowry steps in with a reality check on why living paycheck-to-paycheck in your 20s is an easy way to retire poor.

Start saving, managing debt and investing. As Lowry puts it, get your financial life together.

Price: ₹834


You want: To demystify personal finance management

Read: Money Smart by Reenita Malhotra and Divya Vij

Here’s why: Bank account, taxes, and long-term investments were once the prerogative of Indian men, being the proverbial breadwinners. Your average Indian woman today needs to know all that and more.

What is your financial IQ? Should you care about foreign funds? How do you determine your risk profile? Finance insiders Reenita Malhotra Hora and Divya Vij offer answers.

Price: ₹265


You want: Easy money till death do us part

Read: Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach

Here’s why: The 2018 edition of financial expert David Bach’s 2002 tools and measures can multiply the money in your marriage.

Personal values and pet peeves start small but dictate how you invest, insure and ultimately write your will. Bach lays out nine steps to make sure you live in peace and retire rich.

Price: ₹419


You want: To learn without studying

Read: The Richest Engineer by Abhishek Kumar

Here’s why: Software engineer-turned-banker Abhishek Kumar tells the story of Ajay, who is forced to learn financial lessons the hard way when he’s handed the pink slip.

Dispelling the learned helplessness that only the rich can get richer, Kumar novelizes the rules that make wealth accumulation possible.

Price: ₹211


You want: The shorter version of investment know-how

Read: The One-Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards

Here’s why: in a world of investment advice and jargon, financial expert Carl Richards remarks that every decision you make can be guided by a simple statement- what is it that you want?

Putting personal back in personal finance, the book doles out advice on how you can make decisions that take you to financial stability and beyond.

Price: ₹1245


You want: To be the mother of the year

Read: Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) by Beth Kobliner

Here’s why: No child is ‘too young’ to start talking money. Personal finance commentator and journalist Beth Kobliner outlines the money lessons you need to teach your children, starting from the tender age of three.

With practical advice and exercises for all income levels and ages, the book simplifies the smarts worth passing on.

Price: ₹1228