6 Romantic Gifts You Can Find & Buy Online for Your Significant Other

Whether your partner has a birthday coming up or you just feel like surprising that someone special in your life, giving a romantic gift is the perfect way to show your appreciation. Your choice of gift may depend on the type of event you’re celebrating—birthday, anniversary, achievement, Valentine’s Day—but, however you choose to celebrate, just know that your sweetheart will appreciate it. 
Consider your significant other’s interests before you start browsing online, and then look for some great jewelry like a real gold chain or opt for something more personal like photos of you both from a special day or vacation. Here are some more ideas to inspire your gift-buying.

Personalized Items

Personalized gifts are always just a bit more special than generic ones because they can speak to an aspect of your relationship. One of the most common types of personalized gifts is a set of champagne glasses engraved with your names and the date that you met or the date of your wedding anniversary, but the possibilities are endless. 
If your special someone has just recently graduated with a degree or secured a new job, you may want to consider a classy gift like an engraved pen or something elegant to keep on their desk. Monograms and initialed gifts are other ways to make your present personal, or you can find a special picture of the two of you and have it printed out on a canvas to display in your home.

Whiskey and Glasses Set

Glass set
If your man or lady is a real whiskey aficionado, giving them a nice set of glasses, whiskey ice cube tray, and a bottle of their favorite whiskey is a really special way to say “I love you.” You can pop open the bottle together and sip from the new glasses while you reminisce about your relationship or discuss your loved one’s new greatest achievement. 
This gift doesn’t have to work just for whiskey drinkers. You can also invest in a nice set of wine glasses or champagne flutes paired with a bottle of their favorite variety of drinks. This is the perfect kind of gift for a celebratory event.


One of the ultimate gifts for your sweetheart, jewelry can say a lot about your feelings and your appreciation or pride in your partner. Because jewelry tends to be expensive, it also has come to symbolize deep affection. Although jewelry is typically given to women, many men love to rock the gold chain look and will be equally as moved and excited if you decide to invest in a new style for him. Women also tend to love jewelry as a unique gift, from rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings. 
Today, it’s easy to find and buy from one of the many reputable jewelry brands online, though you may feel a bit nervous about buying a big-ticket item without seeing it in person first. Don’t worry! As long as you do your research and buy from a reputable brand with good reviews, you should receive your purchase in pristine condition. In fact, the beauty of online shopping is that many eCommerce items are actually a bit cheaper when you buy them online directly from the source over a brick-and-mortar store.

Monthly Subscription

Subscription-based eCommerce businesses are big right now because they offer a unique service that allows people to receive items on a monthly (or weekly or bi-weekly) basis. Many of these subscription services sell items that people need to purchase frequently, but there are also subscription businesses that cater to the more fun parts of life, such as the monthly cheese or wine club. This is a really cool, unique gift to give your partner because it doesn’t stop once they open the present. 
Each month, they’ll be able to experience a new item. Consider what your sweetheart loves—craft beer, nice wine, makeup, coffee—and then do some research. There is pretty much a subscription available for everything, these days. If you want to switch it up a little, you can look into monthly subscription boxes, which include different items each month. For the women, the Ipsy box features different types of makeup and adorable makeup bags to keep your lady stocked up on all the latest products you want to try.

Scratch-Off Map Set

For couples that thrive on travel, a large-scale scratch-off map of the country or the world is a really cute idea. It may not be a big or expensive gift, but it’s a fun way for both of you to keep track of all the places that you’ve been together. Nail the map posted into a cork board backing, so that you can scratch the area off the map every time you take a trip somewhere new. It’s also a great way to plan your next trip. Look at the map together and markdown some places you want to experience together next. 

Travel Tickets

Take your travel gift to the next level when you give your significant other a vacation trip. It can be a simple weekend away to the mountains or a big ballin’-out trip to Hawaii. Depending on how much you have to spend and how big of a present you want to give, the possibilities here are endless. You can browse flights, rental car prices, and Airbnbs to plan a surprise trip for your loved one
Wrap up the tickets or the itinerary details as something to reveal as a surprise. You can even play out the fun further by wrapping the tickets in a large box and adding something for weight to throw them off. If you want a physical gift to go with the ticket, you can still give them a map and get ready to place your first pin for your upcoming trip.

Give the Gift of Love

Everyone loves receiving presents, especially for a certain occasion like an anniversary, birthday, or graduation. But, it doesn’t have to be a special day to surprise your sweetheart with a gift. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite romantic ideas, from jewelry like gold chains and bracelets to travel tickets to help inspire your next big gift. Your significant other will love the surprise, and you’ll be able to show how much you love and appreciate them. 


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