6 Ways to Regain Your Lost Self-Confidence

It feels good when things go well, but when things suddenly turn for the worst, it impacts the self-confidence. No matter how mentally strong we are, we all are sensitive souls!

At some point or another, we all have been through that confidence shattering experience where we thought we are close to giving up!

Reasons could be many- losing your near and dear one, a breakup, facing career issues and the list goes on.

Overcoming such ups and downs in life is tough and seemingly impossible. You will find yourself in desperate for emotional support in such events.

What should you do in such circumstances?

Here are some valuable tips:

Best Ways to Regain Confidence

1. Forgive Yourself

Have you lost your confidence because you made a mistake?
Or do you feel like you are the reason for some unhappening?

There may be endless things you may find yourself responsible for.

This is the time when you need to learn two important things- ‘Forgive Yourself’ and ‘let it go’!

Coping up with such internally killing events is never easy, but if you will keep reading the same chapter time and again, you won’t be able to move to the next!

Hence, forgiving yourself is probably the most important step to regain your confidence, needless to mention the circumstances that can arise if you don’t forgive yourself and move on.


2. Believe in Yourself

It all starts with you and no one else will walk in your shoes for you!

You have to keep this in mind when things don’t go in your favour.

Believing in yourself is a prime necessity when you want to gain confidence.

You must eliminate all the negativities from your mind and believe that you can do what you want to.

When things change, people blame themselves and it leads to loss of confidence.

Remember- If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will!


3. Discuss with a Friend

Near and dear ones, especially your close friends can play a very crucial role to help you get back your confidence.

Your friends who have been with you in tough times know your capabilities, your strengths, your weaknesses and what motivates you.

They, in such situations, can work wonders to tune up your mood and help you find some breath of fresh air.

Give your best friends a call or invite them for a discussion over a cup of coffee.


4. Do what you Love the Most!

What’s your hobby? What interests you the most?

Do you love music or gardening? Or have you got something that you haven’t done for long?

Locate your interest and do it the way you want.

It may sound a little childish but it really works.

Taking some time out of your busy schedule, taking a pause and spending some time in doing what you love is an amazing confidence enhancer.


5. Celebrate Small Achievements

Celebrate Small Achievements
Celebrate Small Achievements

You may forget to celebrate those small achievements in life that matter a lot.

Celebrating those successes will boost your mood and morale.

Celebrations can be done in various ways, you can give a treat to yourself, spend some quality time with family or enjoy a vacation.


6. Commit Yourself to Success

Getting back to work is the best way to ignore and overcome failures while regaining confidence.  

Stay focused and engage yourself in achieving the goals of your life, you’ll have no time to regret and feel low.

These are some of the most effective ways through which one can regain his/her lost confidence and ultimately, it will increase the quality of life.


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