“I Love You” – it is the sweetest, shortest, and yet sometimes the most difficult emotion to portray.

These three magical words initiate a beautiful chapter in your life. It is very easy to feel this emotion of love but it takes hell lot of courage to express it properly in front of that “special someone”.

Valentine’s Day is the ripest time to express this feeling because it is the day dedicated to love and romance. People all over the world gear up to express their love on this day. Some are going to say these words for the first time while some are going to revive some romance in their lives using these words.

Here are 7 unique and beautiful ways to say I LOVE YOU to that special person in your life:

1. Love Letter/Poems – The Old School Rule


Majorly what happens when you are in love is that you hesitate to express your feelings totally when that person is in front of you.

That’s why writing a letter would be a great idea. A love letter is perhaps the oldest method of expressing love to that “special someone”.

In today’s world, communication is very easy through social networking sites. But the nostalgia and art of “love letter” or “love poems” is a different route.

Take a pen and paper and write down your feelings. In case you love poetry, then use that too in this letter. That “special someone” would be really flattered with this letter.


2. Away From Your City In Some Holiday Trip


A trip is always relaxing. It sheds all your depression or anxiety and fills your mind, body, and soul with new energy to face life.

Take your “special someone” out during the Valentines Week and say those magical words of love atop the hills, amidst the rainforest, during a beach party, etc.

Away from the clatter of the city, in presence of beautiful mountains, clean air, sea waves, or breezy wind – you would get just the right atmosphere to say I LOVE YOU. You may visit websites like Make My Trip who can help you plan a perfect holiday.


3. Gift His/Her Favorite Thing

I Love You

If you have been friends with this “special someone”, then you must be knowing all about his/her favorite things.

From favorite pastime activity to the favorite food, favorite TV show to favorite movie, favorite color to the favorite author, and favorite painter to the favorite cosmetic brand – you know all!

Now use this knowledge to say I LOVE YOU. Simply buy his/her favorite things and make a hamper.

For the guy, you can buy his favorite t-shirt with his favorite superhero printed on it or you can opt for his favorite perfume.

For the girl, you can look out for her favorite brand of a handbag or a range of cosmetic products. Now, take a small piece of red art paper and cut it in a heart shape and write those three words. Add this small heart on the gift wrap!


4. Flowers, Chocolates, and Other Gifts – The Timeless Way


Since times immemorial, flowers have played an important role in expressing love. Various flowers carry various meanings.

As it is the season of romantic love, so you must take the help of red roses. Nothing can come close to the classic beauty of this flower.

Combine these heart-warming, passionate, and romantic red roses with some exotic chocolates or personalized gifts or perfumes and present it to that special person.

You may order Valentine’s Day gifts from Ferns N Petals and schedule for a midnight delivery to add more charm to your gifts! This trick is surely going to bring more love and romance your way.


5. Throw A Surprise Party


A surprise is always good! On this Valentine’s Day, plan a surprise party, inviting a few close friends.

Decorate the venue with red heart-shaped balloons, LED balloons, and candlelight. Bring some champagne and let the party begin.

Play karaoke and amidst the fun, simply say I LOVE YOU with a red rose.

You can bring a heart-shaped cake with I LOVE YOU written on it along with his/her name. This surprise party is going to be remembered for a long time!


6. While Looking Into The Silver Screen


There are fewer people in this world who don’t watch movies. The taste in movies may be different but everyone on an average likes to watch movies.

During the Valentine Week, the movie industry actually gears up to present some romantic flicks. So, take full opportunity of this time and take him/her out for a movie.

Use apps like Bookmyshow or Paytm which provides you cashback offers! During the interval or amidst the “proposal scene” hold his/her hand and say I LOVE YOU. It would be really an emotional moment and with this idea, there is hardly any chance of rejection.


7. Food Is The Road To The Heart


Food is one of the topics that can connect people instantly. And by preparing his/her favorite food at dinner, lunch, or breakfast, you can easily woo that person.

But how differently you can say I LOVE YOU using food during Valentine’s Day? One idea is that you can arrange for a candlelight dinner and present the yummy food.

The amazing taste of the food served in lovely cutlery in presence of some fragrant candles and Ghazal in the background would signal your message of love to that person. You can arrange this candlelight dinner on your balcony, lawn, garden, or terrace.

You can use the salad tray to write I LOVE YOU using carrots, cucumber, radish, beet, broccoli, etc. Another idea is to serve heart-shaped food like a heart-shaped paratha or omelette.