8 Romantic Ideas for Your First Date

Dating doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking, scary and a bad experience. Going on a first date with your special one should be romantic, exciting and fun.

One of the biggest mistake individuals often make is choosing the wrong place or activity for the first date which puts them off for a really long time.

Going out for movies is a brilliant example of a bad first date.

Yes, it makes things less awkward but does it have any scope of getting to know each other? Isn’t a first date all about getting to know each other?

Individuals often have misconceptions about going on dates.

Real-life dates are nothing like that we see in movies and love at first sight rarely happens which leaves communication as the only way of getting to know if you truly like someone.

We’ve put together 8 thoughtful ideas for you so that you can get the most out of your first date and have a blast!


1. Picnics

While planning a picnic requires some prepping up, it is worth it because it is incredibly sweet and romantic.

Doesn’t sitting in a lush green garden on a sunny day with your crush sound nice?

Not only is this idea great for getting to know the other person but also doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You can throw in some sandwiches, flowers, a blanket, a few bottles of water and you’re good to go.

You can plan this picnic with your partner or surprise them – it’s all up to you. If you are planning it with them, make sure you invite them to go shopping for the essentials before you hit the park.

This way, you’ll make it more personalized and brush off the awkwardness by the time you roll out the blanket.

A picnic is a total win-win as it is an utterly romantic gesture with scope for a lot of fun.

Don’t fret if the weather isn’t on your side that day – make some space in your living room, throw in some cushions and romantic music and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time together.

Go for a picnic
Go for a picnic


2. Theme Park

It’s a pretty good idea to go to a theme park if you want to do something fun and light for your first date. It’s casual, romantic, and oh-so-kiddish – what more could you ask for?

Majority of rides (like the giant wheel or roller coasters) offer seating options limited for two people.

It offers close physical contact combined with the thrill of the ride which will get your adrenaline pumping and hearts beating against your rib cages. Plus hey, holding hands when you’re scared is an excellent way to connect with your partner.  

It’s a perfect date idea for adrenaline junkies. Visiting a theme park is an all-day activity which means you get plenty of time to get to know your date and vice versa.

However before you plan it out,  just make sure your date isn’t scared of roller coasters or suffers from motion sickness.

Go to a Theme Park
Go to a Theme Park


3. Cook together

Now, before you roll your eyes at me, you don’t have to whip up a storm. Choose a simple recipe that you can easily make without stressing too much. 

Cooking with your date can be really bonding because when you’re cooking something, both of you work as a team.

For example, you can chop while your date takes care of the pots and pans. Eating something that is created by both of you is bound to bring you closer.

Cooking is not only therapeutic and gives a sense of accomplishment, but is also Super-casual, intimate and fun.

And even if everything goes wrong and you end up burning a dish or two, it will make a fantastic memory for both of you to laugh on!

Cook together


4. Go for a drive or a walk

You can never go wrong with a romantic walk or a long drive. It’s a simple yet brilliant idea as it allows your date to completely focus on you and vice versa.

You can relax while you have an interesting conversation or just enjoy each other’s company in silence.

Go for a drive or a walk
Go for a drive or a walk


5. Step into a bar

Stepping into a bar is a preferred by most men and women and it’s a preferable place for a date because it actually works.

Soft lights and good music are not only relaxing but also help you unwind after a long day. Plus, you can calm your jittery nerves with a drink or two. You can also your luck at the pool table or gamble together at slot machines.

Please keep in mind to drink in limits and not puke all over the place. It might be your date’s first date ever, so don’t make it a scary one.

Go for a drive or a walk


6. Watch movies at home

If you really want to watch a movie then swap the theatre for a more intimate option: your house.

Keep the popcorn coming and the conversation flowing because unlike theatres you don’t have to follow any social etiquettes.

You can also curl up in a blanket if you wish to while laughing (or screaming if it’s The Nun) and make fun of each other.  

Brownie points for letting your girl pick a movie and watching a chick flick. Come on, watching her get emotional and leaning in for support is undoubtedly romantic. *And hot*

Watch movies at home


7. Go to the zoo

If both of you are fond of animals then visiting an aquarium or a zoo can be really fun.

Let the child inside you feel alive as you feed cute baby penguins and gawk at hippos while chatting and laughing with your date.

Go to the zoo
Go to the zoo


8. Opt for the classic dinner date

If you can’t cook, step out for a meal.

Search for a cozy fine dining restaurant and make reservations well in advance and inform them it’s your first date – they’ll probably make some special arrangements for you.

Go out for dinner
Go out for dinner


No matter what you choose to do and where you choose to go, you must prep well and make sure it’s not just you who’s having a good time.

Be considerate and be at your best behavior.

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