9 Small Gestures That Have a Huge Impact on Your Boss

Want to know the secret of being a great employee? We have the answer.


1. Learn to figure things out

There might be days when things get super busy and you end up with a few tasks that aren’t really your cup of tea.

You’re as clueless as a child on his first day of school. Pull up your socks and focus on how you can do it instead of whining about too much work.

They will grow to trust you and you’ll have more responsibility because of this.


2. Be positive and flexible

We’re all hard workers and sometimes we do feel overwhelmed. In today’s fast-paced work environment, things change quickly and often at the last minute.

To get that shining star from your boss, you must have an upbeat attitude. Learn to handle a few punches and take some challenges without complaining.

A cheerful attitude will help you gain a good reputation with your current and future bosses.


3. Accuracy in communication

At some point or the other, we’ve all said ‘Oh, I’ll get you that on Tuesday, or I’ll finish it by the end of the week’.

A really good employee would know their boss’s schedule and say ‘I’ll finish that before your 4 p.m. meeting.’

Try to give a time that you can hit. This shows your commitment towards work and your boss knows you value their time as much as you value yours.


4. Keep them posted

No one likes to chase their employees for status updates on things so be a dear, and keep your boss updated throughout the day.

Take the initiative and shoot him an email to keep him posted to look organized and on top of things.  


5. Put in genuine efforts to get to know your boss

Understanding the needs of your boss and fulfilling them before they’ve asked you, will make your boss’s life easier.

Get to know them as a person as well as a co-worker, They are good people too. Strike up a cordial relationship with them so that you know you have each other’s back.


6. Keep them updated

Inform your boss before they need to check in on you.

Let them know the progress on different projects and inform them about concerns at an early stage before they become large concerns.


7. Always anticipate

Being one step ahead of your boss will make you look responsible.


8. Take all assignments seriously

You might have to do research on some boring topic, impress them by showing how comprehensive you are.

When your boss realizes you take even the smallest tasks seriously, they will definitely consider you for bigger projects/assignments.  


9. Volunteer

Be the first one to volunteer if the coffee machine breaks down or for instance, the photocopy machine is jammed.

It’s these little things that not only help your boss but the entire office.  

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