Why You Need to Add Videos to Your Website

When you think of your average business website, you likely think of a neutral colour palette and a formal, business-like tone. That’s understandable; with literally thousands of business websites created every year, many decide to adhere to the common denominator and avoid pushing the boat out to promote their brand and ethos in different, innovative ways. There’s no doubt that one of the best ways to instantly connect with a web user, converting them into a potential customer, is to offer them a click-to-watch video as they enter your website – an introduction to your brand. Here’s why that’s an essential addition to your site.


Attention Spans

You need to think logically about the nature of traffic that flows into your website. Put simply, if a web user isn’t drawn in by content within a second or two, they’ll quickly remember that there are better places to browse. The average attention span is decreasing as a result of digital distractions, and nowhere is the research starker and more motivating than in the web-view space, where it appears that consumers judge your brand and your site in a fraction of a second. Placing a video on-screen will capture a web user’s attention, keeping them on your website in that vital initial moment. 



The video that web users see as they enter your website is your welcome message; see it as your front-of-house employee, smiling and greeting a customer into a restaurant or hotel. It’s your chance to make a good first impression and make your customers feel at home, so they know if they can trust your brand and your company to deliver on promises. Use the professional services of wearefrantic.com in order to best communicate your brand and its overall ethos to your site visitors, drawing them deeper into your story and your mission. 


Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

That welcoming video may remain the most important one on your website, but your video creations shouldn’t stop there. Now that you’ve got the attention of your customer, you’ll be able to direct them onto further pages within your website, showing them products and services, and using additional videos to explain what makes your offerings different, great value, and worth purchasing. Often, these videos will come in the form of ‘explainers,’ those that develop an understanding of your product, and what it might mean to the customer who purchases it.


Marketing Videos

Finally, let’s not neglect to mention the good old-fashioned marketing video, around since the arrival of commercial television, but revamped significantly in the era of digital videos that can be viewed on a handheld device anywhere in the world. Here, you’ll be able to share your videos across the web – like on social media, on your YouTube channel, and on other company sites – in a way that both boosts your SEO and gets your brand seen across different platforms and channels. This can only be a good thing when it comes to drawing increased traffic to your website and converting that into sales and profits. 

These four benefits should convince you to invest in videos that promote your brand and its products or services to use on your website in 2020. 


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