9 Exciting Advances in Gaming Technology

There have been numerous technical improvements and innovations in the past few years. Here are the nine most exciting advances in gaming technology.

1. Mobile Games

It comes as no surprise that today, the mobile gaming industry is booming.
Smartphones are not only used to communicate with friends and family and track your fitness goals but also play games with them.  
They account for nearly half of the video game industry sales last year.
Pokemon Go has been one of the most famous mobile games that literally took the world by a storm. 

2. Screen Power and Graphics

With curved monitors and 4K technology, the gaming experience has a whole new meaning.
You can now enjoy photorealistic textures and rendered worlds.

3. Portability

Today, games are extremely portable. Take Nintendo for example.
You can seamlessly move from a handheld screen to the connected screen.
These games when coupled with local multiplayer options give a much-needed break from solo online games. 

4. Motion Control

It’s cool and fun and well what’s not to like? 

5. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality
It is a full-blown immersive gaming experience.
It allows us to experience the gaming world like never before.
All you need to do is wear a VR headset to explore a fantasy world.
Simply turn your head around or move around your house and let the sensor cameras and haptic clothing do the rest. 
AR helps blend the gaming world with the real world.
It requires scanning certain points using a mobile device to unlock different graphics. 

6. Artificial Intelligence

What once seemed only possible in Sci-Fi movies, is now a reality.
In fact, it is so real that it has changed the gaming experience.
Programmers try and innovate new ways to have opponents that can promote self-learning so that a more variable gaming experience can be provided.
This helps keep your experience fresh and unpredictable. 

7. E-Sports

This is comparatively a newer trend that has caught up with the gamers.
It generally comprises of online and offline competitions between professional players using nothing but their electronic devices.
You can win prizes as well as money by playing e-sports.
Not only can you take part in playing these games, but you can also watch other players play.
One of the most popular e-sports sites is nhl-livebets.us

8. Voice Control

9 Exciting Advances in Gaming Technology
What can be marked as a neat integration to games, voice recognition is a great advancement that the gaming industry has seen.
It allows you to control a host of things which at one point in time you never thought you needed.
For instance, you can play media files, search the web, interact on social media platforms and talk to your gaming system.

9. Livestreams

The rise of social media users can be accounted for the birth of live streaming.
Players today share their passion for a particular game with other players by simply live-streaming the whole game.
They can chat, talk and watch other gamers play.
It’s almost like watching your favourite game in a stadium—without leaving your house!


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