Affordable Gifts for People Who Are Overstressed

This year has been a test for even the most zen among us. COVID-19 has rocked our world and life as we knew it, leaving many of us beyond stressed. Throughout all of this, though, we’ve seen amazing acts of kindness and generosity. Human connection, even when we’re physically distant, remains our most powerful tool. A small act of kindness can go a long way and be just what someone needs to get them through hard times. If you have an overstressed friend, consider gifting them one of these affordable gifts that are thoughtful as well as useful.


Stress-Relief Kits

You’ve heard of self-care and beauty boxes, but do you know about kits specifically designed to target stress?
Etsy is a great place to find stress-relief kits, and you have a lot of options to choose from.
These boxes can include a variety of products: herbal teas, mud masks, crystals, bath bombs, lotions, incense, and more.
You’ll have no trouble finding or creating an affordable kit that best suits your friend. Most of them range from $20-$50.

CBD Cigarettes

CBD is incredible when it comes to battling stress and anxiety.
The non-psychoactive cannabinoid promotes relaxation without getting you high, unlike THC.
Many people with chronic pain and anxiety are turning to CBD as a natural remedy for their ailments – and it works. CBD comes in many different forms, from CBD oil products, edibles, and even CBD cigarettes and joints.
CBD cigarettes are really neat and can be a great replacement for tobacco cigarettes if your friend is trying to quit smoking them.
Made with CBD flower from the hemp plant, these are much better for you than regular cigarettes and contain zero nicotine (and zero THC).
You can find the best CBD cigarettes at Plain Jane, where you can choose from pre-rolled CBD hemp cigarettes, joints, and blunts.
The CBD cigarettes (only $12.99!) are more discreet than the CBD joints, although it comes down to preference.
You can even buy high-quality CBD buds if your friend enjoys rolling their own cigarettes and joints.
There are plenty of options to choose from.

A Weighted Blanket

Affordable Gifts for People Who Are Overstressed
If you know someone who is under a lot of stress and you wish you could wrap them up in a comforting hug, here is your opportunity.
Weighted blankets use pressure therapy to lower your heart rate and produce calm feelings.
The calming pressure puts your automatic nervous system into “rest mode,” which reduces symptoms of anxiety.
Similar to swaddling babies, weighted blankets essentially wrap the whole body in a warm, calming hug.
While some blankets can be expensive, you can find a quality weighted blanket for about $50.

Neck Massager

Stress goes well beyond a mental issue and can wreak havoc on our bodies, leaving us with tight and sore muscles.
Regular massages can actually reduce stress and anxiety, not just treat its symptoms.
If you can’t afford to send your friend on a spa day (which can get pricey), consider buying them a personal neck massager.
These portable devices are inexpensive and can be used anywhere, anytime, for a quick neck and shoulder rub.

A Comfortable Bra

This one may sound odd, but any woman can tell you that a good bra is life-changing.
On the other hand, an uncomfortable bra can be one more nuisance that we don’t need when we’re already stressed.
Too much padding, not enough support, tight straps, underwire that digs into your ribcage — almost every woman has experienced these are problems at some point.
Though you’ll probably have to consult your friend on their bra size, a comfortable wireless bra makes a great gift without breaking the bank.
A high-quality sports bra or bralette is supportive and comfy, so we can get on with our day with one less problem.


Wrap Up

Good friends and supporters can get us through the most stressful times in our lives.
A small gesture that lets us know we are not alone, that someone is thinking of us, can make all the difference.
If you know someone who is struggling and super stressed out, send them a gift to boost their spirits.
The intention behind gift-giving is even more important than the gift itself and will surely be appreciated.


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