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All You Can App
All You Can App

Merrchant brings you three tried-and-tested, extremely useful apps to simplify your life.

  1. For Homemakers


(Free app, Pro version EUR 4.99, iPhone)

I recently decided to buy a sofa and wanted to measure my living room to check whether it’s fit in.

Without a laser-powered distance meter handy, I used RoomScan. It’s an app that determines the floor plans of selected rooms.

All you have to do is activate the app, hold your smartphone against the app and you’ll instantly be presented with all the figures you need.

Admittedly it miscalculated the dimensions of my kitchen by half a meter but was otherwise spot on.

You can upgrade to the Pro version if you wish to determine the combined floor plan of all the rooms, indicate doors and send floor plans as a JPEG image.

Needless to say, I was so impressed with this app that I ended up measuring my entire apartment!


  1. For Multitaskers


(Free app, Min. iOS 7.0 for iPhone, Android, and PC)

I don’t always work on the same gadgets; I’m browsing on my smartphone or doing research on my laptop or working on my computer but I fail to find that link later on my smartphone.

Rather than wasting my time in sending these important links to myself via e-mail (or saving them in bookmarks but forgetting to login), I have started using Pushbullet.

This app is a delight because it not only allows me to send links but also images wirelessly between my smartphone, laptop, and computer.

All you have to do is install the app and set up the link to your laptop or computer.

The data exchange takes place via the Internet and appears as a push message on your computer or smartphone and remains stored in the app.

The best feature though?

It also works with incoming calls!


  1. For Savvy Travellers

Best Swiss Hotels

(Free app, iPhone, iPad, and Android)

If you’re looking for a decent hotel in Switzerland, the Best Swiss Hotels app is highly recommended.


Because you can choose filters (like location, type of hotel, number of stars/rating, wheelchair-accessible or dog-friendly, etc.) according to your preferences and get the type of hotel you are looking for- everything just a touch away.

Once you have selected the features, this app will refer to its storehouse of some 500 hotels and present you with appropriate choices and allow you to directly make the bookings.

Also, integrated within the app is an exclusive offer at a special price. This exclusive tourism app for Switzerland is extremely practical and hassle-free.

We hope you see Switzerland at its best!

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