An Introduction to Co-working Spaces in Hong Kong

Co-working in Hong Kong is no longer a craze, as the office format has become a staple of the business landscape.

In this flourishing province, coworking has evolved into more than just workspace.

With operators recognizing the need to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market, these spaces have come to embrace a work platform that is founded on social interaction.

For this reason, those searching for the right co-working space might encounter places where lifestyle has increasingly been incorporated into the office.

From social events that are geared to attract customers to creature comforts that make the office more like home, Hong Kong’s co-working scene has much to offer businesses.

Savvy business owners looking to use this workspace have an amalgam of choices from which to choose.

Keep reading to learn more about co-working in Hong Kong and how this office solution can benefit your business.

Finding Your Space

Co-working is simply an office design where professionals share space. In addition to being provided standard office equipment and access to IT services, businesses have the option of leasing a hot desk or dedicated desk and accessing conference and meeting rooms.

The Servcorp coworking space in Hong Kong, for example, is a perfect example of the way in which some coworking spaces are organized.

In its current incarnation, coworking spaces have become little enclaves within the greater business community that take on a character of their own.

Because professionals work in such close proximity to each other, space is rife with opportunities for professionals to socialize, and more importantly, network.

Furthermore, the office’s relaxed atmosphere is also a major component in creating a workspace that engenders this type of interaction.


Why It Works

The co-working space works because it is one of the office designs that actually has a few more functions. Of course, it is a place for you to accomplish much work.

However, an offshoot of working in the company of professionals from diverse industries is that you have access to a wealth of information.

In the course of a day, professionals can interact with any number of the others who occupy the space, get and give referrals, and meet with possible mentors.

In addition to these opportunities to connect, professionals are almost always treated to events and activities that team build.

In some of the best co-working spaces in Hong Kong, social interaction is the focus because from social interaction much business is done.

Plus, the culture, while more international, is based on business connections that are developed from family and friend relationships.

The concept works because through all of this networking and socializing professionals make real connections.

The collaboration, for one, culminates from all of these activities, and all businesses benefit from it.

It is one of the easiest ways to learn about other industries, and more significantly, collaboration is the opportunity for you to raise your business’s profile.  


The Hong Kong Market

The Hong Kong market brings a different flavor to co-working.

Recently, as a theme in other Asia markets, hotels have seen the benefits of incorporating coworking into the hospitality industry.

Co-working hotels offer their guests a place to reside while working in co-working spaces.

Other hotels offer guests discounted rates if occupying a co-working space that works in cooperation with the hotel.

These accommodations are great for professionals who are traveling but need affordable space to work.


Coworking Hong Kong

The coworking space is a great remedy for professionals looking for an office in a commercial real estate market that crowds out start-ups and SMEs.

This densely populated region, in an effort to meet demand, has changed the way coworking works by incorporating the work-lifestyle balance into the mission.

For professionals in Hong Kong, co-working is a cost-effective solution to finding appropriate space and one with a great return on investment.


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