Are You a Picky Dater?

Ladies, I know dating is hard. And even harder if you are too hard to impress or if you have standards higher than the Empire State building.

The pressure of being asked out on propose day is Real.

But what if you just ignore when the opportunity comes knocking at the door? Are you a picky dater?

Well…there’s only one way to find that out- ask yourself these five simple questions to know where you stand on the dating meter.


  1. You’re dying to find someone exactly like:

A. Your boss, your shrink, your trainer, your accountant…Wait why set any criteria and limit my options?

B. Liam Hemsworth or maybe Ryan Gosling. He has to be tall, built, *incredibly* handsome and must be capable of growing a beard. In short, he has to be too hot to handle.

C. No one you have ever had the chance of meeting before. Really, though.

If I were you I'd choose him too...
If I were you I’d choose him too…


  1. When it comes to your date’s style, you get turned off by:

A. Bare feet in public- but hey, you could see past if it need be.

B. Outfits that don’t mesh with your ‘pending BF’ Pinterest board (the ones that 75 per cent J. Crew models).

C. These days? Everything. Most prospects need an extreme makeover.

That turns you on (read: off)?
That turns you on (read turns you off)?

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Your date just ordered a martini. What are your thoughts?

A. Ooh…I love it! Make that two (and keep ‘em coming)!

B. Eh, you prefer beer drinkers but can deal.

C. You’re shaken (not stirred). Only James Bond can pull that off.

A penny for your thoughts?
A penny for your thoughts?


  1. How often do your pals set you up?

A. Almost never. You’re always going googly-eyed—random encounters alone have your stomach in knots.

B. But only after they’ve sworn he’s at least six on the funny scale, and at least an eight when it comes to looks.

C. They try, but…you’ll name your first-born after whoever suggests the dude who makes the cut after your Insta back-stalking.

How often do your pals set you up?
How often do your pals set you up?


  1. Your biggest frustration with dating apps is:

A. When they set a max on swipes per day.

B. Despite moving your distance setting to within 10 kms, you still get guys from too far away.

C. Your inability to find anyone to swipe right on. Sad!

Dating apps frustrate you because...
Dating apps frustrate you because…

The Breakdown

Mostly As

Too Easy to Impress

You are open to love in all its forms.

Flexibility ups the odds of meeting a keeper, but you can (read: should) be a little picky.

Think about whether you see a future with someone new (even if it’s just for a week or two).

If you don’t, make it known. That way, you’ll save everyone’s time and heartbreak.


Mostly Bs

Cautiously Choosy

You have a type and you like to stick to it.

That can help minimize drama later on in a relationship, but try not to base every decision on your checklist.

Lose some non-negotiables, and give your dates a chance to prove they’re good enough…or even better!


Mostly Cs

Impossible to Please

No-one is worthy.

Def don’t settle for less than what you don’t deserve but take some time to re-evaluate what that means if you’re sick of being single.

Ditch your idea of perfection and go out on a limb every once in a while.

You don’t have to lower your standards very far to let someone exceed your expectations.

Now you know what to do, don’t you?


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