Be a Gym Star

We’ve all encountered annoying characters at the gym- the sweat kings and queens, the grunters, the equipment hoarders- they are all almost intolerable when you’re trying to keep pace with your intense workout.

Practising good gym etiquette is really easy if you know what common pet peeves and pitfalls to avoid.

What’s more, simple workout courtesy is sure to make you the star of your gym!

So, take a cue from the experts and stay clear of your gym’s hate list.


  • Towel Down and Clean Up

Exercise is about getting the heart pumping, the adrenaline flowing and breaking a sweat.

It is not, however about leaving a sweat trail everywhere you go in the gym or a pool of perspiration on everything you touch as you exercise.

Towel down and wipe dry gym equipment as you go to keep working out a more comfortable and hygienic experience for all.


  • Watch That Volume

Blasting your workout playlist on your smartphone or your MP3 player may be inspiring as you exercise but more often than not, it is an annoying distraction to your fellow gym-goers.

It is also not totally unheard of for people to be so engrossed in their plugged-in music that they publicly burst out loud and sing on top of their lungs.

Unless you’re the next Adele or Sam Smith, your vocal prowess could very well be a nuisance.

So, keep your gym music at a reasonable volume and your singing talents in your private space at home, or in your car.


  • Focus, Focus, Focus

While working out, focus on your regime and avoid distractions.

Catching up on the latest gossip is an unwelcome disruption to yourself and to those around you who take their session seriously.

Keep your communications, whether on your phone or with other gym-goers, to a minimum.

After all, everyone is paying good money for their time spent at the gym so it makes good sense to get the best of every workout.


  • Less is More

Workouts are not easy, but once they start becoming routine, you might be motivated to take it to the next level and run more on the treadmill or add more weights on the leg push machine.

Of course, more strain on the body can naturally cause heavier breathing and little grunts might escape you as pressure is released.

That is generally acceptable but loud, repetitive noises are a disturbance to others and can even make you come across a show-off or attention-seeker.

If your increased workout really is too much for you, scale back.

Otherwise, it is just plain gym etiquette to be considerate of others and keep noise to a minimum.


Up the Ante

Keeping up with your workout regime is challenging but there also comes a time when your routine plateaus and you no longer get the best out of your sessions.

These are sure-fire signs that you need to up the ante and push yourself further:

  1. A Low Heart Rate

The maximum rate is calculated as 208-(.7 x your age) and you should keep it to 77-93 per cent of your maximum heart rate for a robust workout.

If your heart rate drops below the required count, you need to move to the next level.


2. Loads Become Easier

Once your weight regime reps become easier, it’s time to increase the weight.

This applies to bicep curls, squats, and overhead presses.


3. No Breathlessness

Workout for 60 seconds, fitting in as many reps as possible.

Rest for half a minute between each rep and note the difference in the number of reps over a three-week period.

If you’re sailing through your workout without being breathless and there is no change in the number of reps, you need to push yourself harder.


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