5 Benefits of Studying Online (vs. Traditional Classroom)

The internet has changed the way people access information, communicate with each other and even how people in many professions do their jobs. It has also had an impact on education. Instead of attending classes in person, you have the option of pursuing studies through online courses.
Whether you’re interested in Wisconsin online degrees, studying to become a computer programmer, considering an online sports psychology degree or planning to enter a career in health, education or social services, you’ll find plenty of benefits from choosing to study online.

1. Schedule flexibility

One key reason to consider studying online is to take advantage of the greater flexibility with your schedule. You’ll save time because you don’t need to drive to campus for your classes. Instead, simply turn on your computer and log in.
Also, you have the option of choosing from different types of online classes. Many programs offer synchronous learning while others offer asynchronous learning.
This means that you can opt to take classes that require you to be online at set times to receive instruction or feedback from your classmates (synchronous) or you can take classes that provide the course materials and instruction and allow you to work independently (asynchronous).
You can decide what system works best for your learning style and tailor your schedule to your personal needs. 

2. Continue working

Undergraduates are students who are studying to earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degree. More than 40% of full-time and 80% of part-time undergraduates are employed while studying.
College costs are expensive, and many individuals need to work to pay their bills while in school. Online studies are also ideal if you’re considering continuing your studies while employed in a career field.
You can stay in your job and accrue experience, and at the same time, you can continue your education to qualify for advancement in your career. Studying online makes it easier to go back to school because it requires fewer changes to your daily routine. 

3. Financial benefits

You can find a lot of financial reasons to consider studying online. Tuition costs are typically lower than the cost of taking classes at a college in person.
You also don’t need to worry about the expenses of gas and parking or buying a transit pass because you don’t have to leave home to take your courses.
While daycare costs can vary widely from state to state, the average annual cost for parents is more than $11,000 per child.
Childcare costs can also increase when you need care outside of typical daycare hours, and you may be charged late fees if you aren’t able to pick your child up on time. 

4. Balance studies and personal demands

Almost 4 million postsecondary students have children. Millions of students are also married. Other students may have parents who require care, while others may be the primary caregiver for younger siblings.
Some individuals may also wish to pursue studies that don’t conflict with their personal needs, such as medical requirements. Attending classes can be tricky for these individuals for a number of reasons.
Although it’s possible to pay for childcare, daycare facilities will send your child home if they’re sick. Students who are diabetic may need to eat at specific times each day and find that their needs conflict with their classes.
Taking studies online enables you to fit your school schedule around your personal needs instead of trying to restructure your personal life every semester to accommodate your class schedule.

5. Distinguishing yourself

Certain skills are required to be an effective online learner. You must have self-discipline and know how to balance your schedule. These are skills that translate well in workplace environments.
When it comes time to graduate and apply for career opportunities, employers will be impressed by your ability to be self-motivated and manage your education. This shows potential employers that you can work well with minimal supervision.
It also establishes that you’re able to continue studies for advancement opportunities because you won’t need to worry about work conflicting with the course schedule. 


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