Best satellite internet and how can I get it?

We all want to choose the best satellite provider but it does get confusing since there are different types of fees, equipment charges, contract policies, and other stuff involved that makes it all so confusing. People living in urban areas prefer cable internet and TV services because it is often more reliable and budget-friendly. For instance, users might prefer availing of any of the attractive Spectrum bundle offers where they can enjoy high-speed internet along with an extensive Spectrum channel line-up. But some effective satellite internet providers give tough competition to the cable providers. There is no denying the fact that satellite internet providers have the biggest coverage across the United States. Among the top providers include Viasat and HughesNet.
Here is a complete guide to letting you know everything you ought to know about satellite internet providers and how you can get one:

Major Satellite Internet Providers

If you reside in the middle of nowhere with fewer options available for internet connectivity then the satellite internet options are often the best choice to make. The satellite internet industry has narrowed down over the past few years. Among the top, two satellite providers include Viasat and HughesNet that are clear winners of the satellite industry.

Satellite Internet Speeds

The download speed is one of the most crucial elements to look out for when choosing the best satellite internet provider. This in turn affects the quality of video streaming, file downloading and the number of users that your network can bear smoothly. Though let’s be honest here-you might not be able to find blazing fast internet speed plans when it comes to satellite providers. But there will be plans offering internet speeds that are enough for you. The top providers have plans offering impressive speeds like 25 Mbps at affordable rates. Choose a reliable provider with a sound internet speed that is adequate to carry your online activities.

Data Caps

Both Viasat and HughesNet might throttle your data if you surpass a monthly data limit. Most of the satellite internet plans come along with data limits. Therefore if you are a heavy downloader, you would be always looking for a flexible data cap that is more than enough to fulfil your daily online activities. In case you are a light user, you should not be bothered much about data caps and a moderate data limit might also be sufficient for you.


Satellite internet plans are comparatively more expensive as compared to most of the cable internet plans. For instance, Viasat internet plans providing speeds of 15 to 100 Mbps come for $50 to $100. The data caps could vary between 40 to 50 GB. Similarly, HughesNet offers an internet speed of 25 Mbps at a price range of $59.99 to $149.99 with data caps of around 10 to 50 GB.

Best Satellite internet for Gaming-Viasat

Gamers can simply not tolerate any lags or speed slowdowns. With satellite internet, gaming can be a good experience if you choose the right plan with a sufficient data cap. The data caps can be a concern for gamers but nowadays satellite providers offer massive data caps so you do not have to worry about early data consumption while downloading your favorite game.

Highest Speeds for Satellite Internet-Viasat

Though HughesNet has to be credited for consistent performance its users get to access an internet speed of 25 Mbps for almost all the packages they subscribe to. While on the other hand, Viasat provides higher speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Moreover, Viasat internet plans offer a varying range of speed starting from as low as 12 Mbps and as high as 100 Mbps. So if you are looking for higher speeds, Viasat internet is surely the preferable choice.

Equipment Required

For accessing satellite internet, you will need an internet compatible device, a router or modem, and a satellite dish. Your satellite provider offers you professional assistance for setting up the dish at your house by sending a technician.

Wrapping Up,

If you have made your mind to get a satellite internet subscription, then the aforementioned information will be a great help to make the right choice. Check out the plans offered by the top satellite providers and pick the one that suits your needs.


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