Best Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers For Free

Who doesn’t know Instagram?

This photo and video-sharing social networking app is a simple way to capture and share all your life’s beautiful moments. Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, it was launched in October 2010 and immediately took the world by storm.
It’s elegant, albeit simple interface makes it easy for the users to familiarize themselves with it, and its plethora of features make it a delight to use. Currently, Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide, making it an international sensation of epic proportions!
And many ask about buying Instagram followers and I always ask them: why would you like to buy when you can organically grow for free?
That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss later.

Instagram means different things to different people

For most, it’s a personal space. They use it as their very own online curation- a diary of sorts where they can like and share meaningful moments from their day to day lives. They use it to express themselves; posting about their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, their adventures, the places they visit and the people they meet.
Insta feeds are filled with aesthetic snaps, picturesque images and other quality posts. Users can print these Instagram photos to Canvas as well if they are moved by it. Furthermore, users can view live stories, post comments and give out likes to your friends as well. They even have the option to follow pages and accounts of celebrities they admire and get a glimpse into their lifestyle.

For others, it is a brand builder!

Instagram has also evolved into a state of choice for promotions and advertisements for start-ups, companies, and especially social media influencers. This is because digital marketers have understood the extent to which this incredible platform can help tip the scales of competition in their favour.
Using Instagram’s reach, many brands are able to engage with a wider audience without having to pay for heavy advertising on other forms of traditional media.
This is especially helpful for upcoming brands who wish to establish themselves, as well as talented individuals seeking a lucky break. People have become ‘insta-famous’ and amassed a major following because of their content on this app.
People such as Dan Bilzerian, Andrew Bachelor and Violet Benson all have millions of followers because of their vicarious lifestyles! Users looking to upgrade and broaden their social circle can also make use of free followers on Instagram.
Instagram also helps stay up to date with trending events and things happening around the world. It shrinks the world and makes everyone one tap away!
When Instagram first hit the play stores, it created an online renaissance. It convinced people who don’t usually surf the web into joining as well. With this boom in users, it was really easy for people to gather a large following. However, over the years, Instagrams strict user policies and privacy laws have made it more difficult to amalgamate more followers on your profile. It is now harder to widen your follower count.
But don’t worry, we have come up with a few ways to get more Instagram followers for you. More followers equal to more engagement. With our help, your posts can now reach a target wider audience, giving you more reach. Get ready for the Insta Fame life!

‘Fame’ Fatale!

1. Social Enablers

Social Enablers is a free online website that helps you garner up to 50 thousand Instagram users! They have catered to upwards of 1.5 million users already and boast a record of getting 2.4 million photos liked so far.
How this website works is really simple- all you have to do is go on to their website, feed in your registered email ID and Instagram handle and choose the number of followers you wish to receive.

2. Insta

Similar to Social Enablers is this magnificent app called Mr Insta. It operates on the same principle, all you have to do is input your Insta username and the desired follower count you wish to attain. ]
This app features two options- the free and the premium option. In the free option, you will amass the followers gradually over a month’s period. But if you wish to widen your follower base instantly, then the premium option will do it for you instantly. Along with these facilities, this app is also super user-friendly and available on all platforms and stores.

3. Inenta Fan

Another very popular website for growing your follower base is Incenta Fan. Just enter your Instagram username in the box provided on their website to get started, and you can get free followers in no time! This is possible because Incenta Fan has access to a large amount of Instagram profiles in their database.
In exchange for giving you the Insta profile you have always desired, they may ask a few users to fill in a survey based on your very basic consumer habits. Since it is a free website, they earn their revenue through product sponsorships.
You fill in your consumer habits, and they get you followers that would be interested in your profile by matching your shared interests based on pages and accounts you follow. This way, you increase the chances of your posts getting more likes, comments, and shares as well!
The best part about these websites is that these do not just create bot accounts like most other pages claim to do; rather, they find accounts of people who share similar interests and match them with you. This decreases the likelihood of Instagram deleting your account due to their spam policy.
But apart from these, there is another way you can increase your follower count as well, albeit it is comparatively slow.

4. The Organic Way

You can boost your followers on your Instagram profile by adopting simple organic methods as well. But to do this, you must convert your profile to a public account, thereby increasing the chances of people finding you and going through your content to assess whether they are interested. To get a wider reach, and make it more appealing for these users, one can start using hashtags.
Hashtags are a brilliant way of garnering attention to your posts and stories, especially when it comes to real-time trending events. Another way to make your account more appealing is to come up with an innovative bio.
Since your bio is your online introduction, having a witty and catchy bio usually helps get viewers to click on the follow button. Moreover, posting creative captions, aesthetic pictures, and engaging stories will also help build your Instagram style and make people notice you from the crowd.
In a space that is shared by 1 billion people, using these methods will help you stand out in the crowd. Use these methods and become an online celebrity in no time!
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