18 Best Ways to Save Money in College

College life is awesome, full of memories and excitement, a life to cherish for a lifetime.

Fun, food and friends are a common part of the college life of every individual.

But, while living and enjoying this amazing time of life, students mostly neglect to focus on their savings.

Use these 18 best ways to save money in college and see how much you can save.

Yes, even when you are in your college, savings matter a lot and you can do this in a hassle free way.

In this piece of article, we will have a brief discussion on some of the best ways to save money in college.

If you are lacking the guidance to save some bucks, then you have come to the right place. We bring you some detailed information that relates to your routine life.

Moreover, these are the key points through which you can end up saving a great deal of your money.

18 Best Ways to Save Money in College

Party Hard, But after College Life!

Most of the expenses that students make in their college life are made when partying.

You never know how much of your hard earned money is wasted in a few beers and all that stuff you need.

The point of the passage here is to limit the number of visits to clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Lesser visits will make those moments more enjoyable and you will be able to have some cash by the end.

Mostly a couple of visits a month can be sufficient, never cross the limits, have a budget for everything.


Save on Stationeries

Seemingly a small thing but can result in a good amount of savings.

Students who hope to impress others buy costly pens, glossy notebooks and other stationery products that are expensive.

Instead of spending hard-earned dollars on costly products, better choose some reasonable ones that fit your needs.


Stay Away from Unwanted Credits

Don’t borrow money from any of your friends unless you really need it.

Moreover, if you are having some loan options or credit cards, better neglect if unnecessary.

This is one of the most crucial aspects of saving money when you are in college.

You may have to deal with various expenses if you opt for an unwanted loan.


Be Careful while Choosing Credit Card

Credit card is one of those facilities that are available for students to business owners.

But, sometimes students can make a mistake while choosing the credit card.

This way, their expenses may get increased and can lead to troubles.

Focus on the most important expenses first and consult experts before you go for a credit card.

Make sure you have sufficient funds to pay back.


Bring Yourself a Coffee Maker

So-called Cafe, these coffee shops can cost you a great deal of your money when you are in college.

Of course, you need to spend some time with your friends and need a few cups of coffee on every meeting.

This is where buying a coffee maker makes absolute sense.

You can enjoy the same time of excitement with friends without having the need to spend a lot of money.


Save on Fuel and Vehicle

Transportation is the part of the daily routine, it is important to track and manage transportation expenses.

If your college is at a convenient distance where you can use cheaper public transport, you can save!

Even when you have a vehicle, you will need to spend on fuel and vehicle maintenance. If you don’t need it don’t use it.

Find cheaper alternative transportation and save money in college.


Quit Bad Habits

College life is to build the baseline for a fruitful career.

But, it is merely facts that, some students get to indulge in bad habits.

Alcohol, smoking and other bad habits are good to stay away from.

Such bad habits adversely affect your health as well as your pocket.


Sell what You Don’t Need

There are more than just a few things that you may not notice but are useless.

Few books that you don’t read anymore or anything that you are not using must be sold.

This way, you can keep your space clean, surrounded by only useful things.


You can save on Rent

You as a student, need to understand the difference between paying capacity and need.

No doubt, you may afford a 3 BHK flat with all the modern amenities, but think if you really need it.

Find a property closer to your college if you study away from home.

There are various rental options available out there and all you need is to shop around.


Avoid Penalties and Late Fees

To save money in college, deciding a budget is very important.

Write down all the bills including telephone and utility bill to rent to how much you need to pay.

What this will do is, it will prevent you from late fees and penalties.

Even if you use a credit card, try to repay in time.


Split Rent and Utilities

Living away from family, you need comfort and convenience.

But the same comfort and convenience you can enjoy while sharing the rent and utility with any of your friends.

If you comfort yourself with only one of your friends, you can divide most of your expenses into two parts.

By the end of the month, you will end up paying half for everything you utilize.


Get Details about Student Discounts

During college, the benefits that students can enjoy are many.

There are many sources and shopping destinations out there that offer student discounts.

Browse the web or connect with more students to know details on places where student discount is available.


Use Smartphone Smartly!

Smartphones are a basic necessity, even if you are a student.

There is a great competition among network operators and internet service providers and you can reap the benefit of the same.

Compare various packages and plans are the best way to save money in college. Understand your calling messaging and internet usage requirement.

This way, you can end up buying a useful yet cost-effective plan as per your specific need.


Rent Book that You Need for Short Period

Buying a book is a costly affair, not every book with a fit in your budget as a student.

It is better to rent those books and return when you don’t need it.

After a while, those books will only be a part of your shelf, so better you rent it instead of buying.


Avoid Brands

Of course, people have their own choices and preferences from clothing to watches and everything.

But, there is a huge difference in the price of branded and non-branded products.

The usefulness is going to remain the same, but if you go with brands, it is costly.

Better make use of non-branded products and once you start earning and saving enough, you can enjoy that flavour.


Remember, Every Single Penny Counts!

What the difference will it make? It is just 1$.

But, it will!

There are times when you spend unnecessarily as the amount of money is not too much.

But, these small and unnecessary expenses can make a huge difference in the long run. It is all about being serious about saving money.


Don’t buy Expensive Games and Software

If you love gaming or need any kind of software solution, there are always some alternatives that will work.

When you go with high priced software and games, it is not less than throwing money out of the window.

If you are a gamer, there are endless online games available for free where you can spend your quality time.


Travel when Necessary

Students spend a lot of money on travelling that is not necessary.

If you think the place you are travelling is important and worth, then only go for it.


Bottom Line

You may find a long list of different ways that can help you save your money in college. But, these are 18 ways that literally can help you live without breaking the bank.

Start implementing these methods from today and also share it with your friends so that they can save too. 


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