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I hope many people nowadays are tech-savvy and know about apps and software used for different purposes. It will be right to say that most of the industries and sectors with reference to humans have been facilitated with the use of tech and software. Let it be business, office management, security or whatever. For parents and employers, there are tracking and monitoring apps in order to track kids and employees.
Among these apps and software, many are used for surveillance and security purposes. There are a good number of monitoring apps but we have checked and tested many and found Spy App the best one. We are going to talk about the app, what it offers, the best features, how it can be helpful in spying and why it is better than other apps in the market.

BlurSPY Android Spy App

As the name implied, BlurSPY is a spy, monitoring and tracking software used for multiple purposes. You may know why spy apps are used. The use of spy apps is not limited to just individuals. Rather, private companies and government agencies also use such tools and apps to keep eyes on their target. BlurSPY is one among these but the finest one.
This is a perfect parental control app for parents, monitoring software for partners and an amazing spy tool for any person who wants to monitor any android phone. The app offers a wide range of features that completely allow perfect tracking. What makes this app so special is the number of features, seamless experience, great care to privacy and security and affordable plans and packages.

Features of BlurSPY App

Features of any spy make are the most important thing because this is what you get in a spy app. Whenever you have to choose a spy app, always consider the features and see how useful it can be for you. there are some common features while others are technical and specific with a particular use. The efficiency of the features also determines how good a spy app is. Let’s have a look at the features offered by BlurSPY app.

1. Phone Call Management

Every spy app must offer this feature. BlurSPY provides users with a powerful call tracking feature known as call management. With this feature, users can intercept live phone calls. They can also record all the incoming and outgoing calls. Going further, the app allows blocking numbers in order to restrict calls from any numbers.

2. Tracking Text Messages

Tracking text messages is an essential part of the Android Spy app on an android phone. Without this feature, tracking a device will have no particular use. The BlurSPY users can view and check all the text messages on a phone with this feature. They will be able to check time, text body and phone numbers of the senders and receivers. If they want, they can also block numbers to not get messages from them.

3. GPS Location Tracker

There are a lot of people who want to track locations of a person in order to know about their whereabouts. BlurSPY makes it easy for the users to keep eyes on the locations with GPS location tracker. With the feature, you can check live locations of the targets. Furthermore, you will be able to check the weekly history of all the locations of your target person. This seems to be a great idea for users.

4. Social Media Monitoring

The modern-day spying is just incomplete without tracking social media. For many users, it is imperative to track and monitor social media use and activities of their targets. So they have the right tools now. With BlurSPY, any user can keep eyes on any social media platform and apps. They can even get access to personal messages and chats.

5. Viewing Multimedia Files

Last but not least, users sometimes need to check multimedia files. The multimedia includes images, photos in the gallery, audio and video files as well as voice messages and any other stuff. For many people, this kind of data is valuable so they want to monitor it for their use. BlurSPY allows the users to check any multimedia file and get access to them.


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