13 Reasons Why Clickfunnels are Important For Your Business

A common mistake made by most small business owners is that they always want a quick and straightforward way to sell their products. While the shortest path is a straight line, it necessarily doesn’t have to be the right one – or even the most profitable one for that matter. In this era of tough competition, it’s challenging to make a hard sale. Even if you have great traffic on your website, you may not be able to sell anything until the visitors trust you to do business with you. In situations like these, sales funnels can be your saviour. Sales funnel refers to a step-by-step path to convince your potential customer to buy your products or service. There are a number of sales funnels builders used by marketers. One of the most popular and frequently used is Clickfunnels.

What are Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels are a tool for creating sales funnels.
Its professionally designed templates help marketers create different sales funnels based on their requirements.
Developed in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his team, Clickfunnels comes with several attractive features that allow you to build your funnel, track your funnel performance, and create landing pages. 
Besides, it lets you generate leads for your business, launch your products, run webinars, achieve other business goals. 
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Reasons for Purchasing Clickfunnels for Your Business

13 Reasons Why Clickfunnels are Important For Your Business
If you’re looking for the most powerful yet user-friendly funnel builder for your business, Clickfunnels can be the best option for you. 
Here are some of the benefits you will get by using this incredible funnel builder.

1. Easy to Personalize

Creating attractive and personalized landing pages is a time-consuming process and requires some technical skills.
With Clickfunnels, building such pages will be easier since it offers hassle-free customization and easy modification.
It’s extremely user-friendly!
Even people with little to no technical skills can design landing pages for their websites.

2. Amazing Templates

Clickfunnel comes with pre-built professional templates, letting you design your pages with just a few clicks.
Even if you don’t have any web design experience or skills, you can complete your task easily.
This means you don’t have to hire a designer.

3. Easy to Build Sales Funnels

13 Reasons Why Clickfunnels are Important For Your Business
Creating sales funnels is crucial for anyone who is in an online business.
Every sales funnel consists of five stages: awareness, interest, decision, purchase, and retention. 
Since not everyone will come at the very end of your funnel, you need to map their journey at every stage of the funnel.
Clickfunnels doesn’t only let you create high converting sales funnels but it also covers a wide range of autoresponders, thus giving your sales team a clear idea where in the sales journey is a particular prospect.

5. 4. Offers Unified Dashboard

This is one of the major benefits of purchasing Clickfunnels.
It’s an ultimate store where you will find all the solutions required for an online business.
Clickfunnels is best for those who don’t have a budget to run a website.
It lets you create webpages, launch your products and services online, run an email campaign, generate leads, and many more.
Since you can manage all these operations from a single dashboard, you can save both time and money.

6. Ensures Utmost Security

With the growing number of hackers, security has become a major concern for any website these days. 
Clickfunnels comes with SSL Certification, thus making sure that your website has all the features it needs to prevent malware attacks. 

7. Offers Email Integration

Once you’ve collected the contact information of your potential customers by running a lead generation campaign, you need to run an email marketing campaign. 
Clickfunnels allows you to integrate your email marketing tool with your existing funnel, which means that your entire lead generation campaign will be handled by an automated process.

8. Automated Webinars

Automated Webinars
This is another great benefit of using Clickfunnels.
Webinars are important for the progress of your lead generation campaign.
You may often need to host a webinar to boost your campaign.
Using Clickfunnels, you can set up an automated webinar right from your website.
It means you don’t need a separate webinar software to create online events.
Integration of webinars really saves you time and money by not having to source a webinar software.

9. Offers Facebook Campaign

For many online business holders, Facebook is the most preferred platform for advertising.
Clickfunnels can automate your Facebook ad campaign, meaning that you will need less human support.
It will not only ensure a better ROI but also save you money since you don’t need to hire someone to run the campaign.

10. Comes with Payment Integration

Adding a payment method with your landing pages makes the whole process less complicated and more streamlined.
That’s why this incredible funnel builder lets you perform money transactions in your funnels.
Using its payment integration features, you can directly sell your products to your customers.
This is a huge advantage as you remove more buying decision barriers for your customers.

11. Smart Shopping Carts

Having a shopping cart on your website can convert your leads into customers.
With the help of Clickfunnels, you can design a smart shopping cart for your webpages.
It also helps you to learn about your customers’ decisions, as well as their transaction details while you’re developing your shopping cart.

12. Supports Autoresponders

For any online business, it’s essential to nurture the leads to convert them into your customers as soon as possible.
An autoresponder can automate the entire process, thus saving your precious time.
One of the best parts of buying Clickfunnels is that it supports a number of autoresponders including Aweber, Convert kit, MailChimp, HubSpot, Drip, Salesforce, Leap, Active Campaign, GetResponse, etc.

13. Has Own Analytics Tool

13 Reasons Why Clickfunnels are Important For Your Business
After creating necessary funnels for your website, it’s essential to track their performance so that you can get a better idea about your potential customers.
Clickfunnels offers its own analytic tools, meaning that you can track your page’s performance, get every detail such as leads information, number of opt-ins, clicks, etc. directly from your dashboard.
Having such information in hand helps your marketing team make necessary changes and develop a more powerful marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Businesses run on sales need quality sales on a consistent basis to earn a profit.
Using a good funnel builder such as Clickfunnels, you can achieve healthy sales levels as well as profitability.
Starting from developing attractive landing pages to building your email list and automating the sales, this funnel creator can perform most of your work, saving you money and time.
It’s highly recommended that you should try a good funnel builder if you want your customers to stick to your service for a longer period.
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