Clothes for Indian Women in Their 20’s and For Middle-Aged Women

When you are in your 20’s life is good. You are probably in the best shape you will ever be in and you can wear anything you want to look good. In your early 20’s you want to explore all the fashions that are trending and daring because you may never get the same chance again.
The problem is, you do not have enough money to buy all the fashions you may want so you only need essentials in your closet unless you have a side gig.

One classic jacket

Jackets are important to complete our looks. The good thing about owning one is that you can wear it on almost any occasion and weather. In the summer, jackets protect your skin against the harsh sun and keep you warm in the winter while looking stylish and chic at the same time.

A denim jacket

Denim jacket may be western, but is a favorite among the youth in India. You can wear this jacket in any kind of weather. The best thing about denim is that it never grows old. You probably know the famous denim on denim trend. For a traditional look, you can wear denim over a long kurti dress or lehenga choli.

A long kurti jacket

The kurti jacket is knee-length and opens at the center. It is perfect for any kind of weather. You can wear it over any type of clothing, whether traditional or modern. Wear it over a lehenga, kurta dress, or a basic choli and rugged jeans for a casual and social look.

Some t-shirts

The t-shirt is a perfect western look that is comfortable, stylish and pairs well with most types of clothing.  You can wear a t-shirt to class, a branch with your friends or when hanging out at home. T-shirts go well with jeans, lehenga and maxi skirts completed with a pair of comfortable sandals or sneakers.

Black jeans

As you know, the color black can match with almost any outfit. You can wear black jeans for several occasions. My favorite look is pairing black jeans with bright colored straight cut or tulip kurti from Stylecaret for a stylish and sophisticated look. You can attend classes and social events at school and you will surely stand out of the crowd.

A good bag

By this, I mean a strong bag that will last you a while. Go for a neutral colored print less bag that will match several of your outfits. You want to avoid wasting money on too many cheap bags that will serve you for a short while and get ruined in the end.

Some universal jewelry

Universal jewelry is one that will blend in with all your outfits and most of the occasions you attend. Some of the most basic jewelry that will match with anything includes pearls, beads, and plain chains. Bangles are must-have accessories. Do not forget to throw in a few pairs of button earrings with different designs.
Now let’s look at age-appropriate outfits when you are middle-aged.
If you are working or retired, you do not have to give up your love for fashion. Some clothes may not be as exciting for you, but there are others that will make you stylish, fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


Layers are worn in dresses for a traditional and religious look. They are very stylish and accentuate different body types. For middle-aged women, layering will make you look chic, daring and elegant. A layered flared kurti will match well with palazzo pants to form a gown-like silhouette

Bright colors and prints

Sometimes fashion is all about being bold. Bright colors and prints are perfect for cultural ceremonies and festivals. You can wear a bright colored salwar suit, lehenga choli, anarkali dress, kurti or saree to weddings or normal festivals. The bright colors may symbolize celebrations, but they will also bring out a warm color in people with yellow undertones.

Bohemian looks

The bohemian look has been around for the longest time. it is colorful and creative and symbolizes a laid back look. Most bohemian looks are bright colored, loose clothes with multiple patterns, accessories and chunky jewelry. You can wear this look on your day off while traveling or just chilling out.
The loose fitting clothes are breezy and fit naturally which is perfect for warm sunny weather. Find a cloth that is one size larger than your body to achieve this look. for a traditional bohemian style, you can wear a long flaring kurti with some dhoti or palazzo pants and pair them with some sandals.

Leggings and jeggings in place of jeans               

Leggings and jeggings may look like h=jeans, but they provide more comfort and flexibility. At this age, you may feel that jeans are too constricting and no longer your type, but that is not the end of denim looks.  The best thing about leggings or jeggings is that they are made of stretchy material that is comfortable and can fit a female of any body type.
This is the best look for a casual event such as running some errands or meeting with friends. These two can pair well with any kind of kurti or long top.

Summer Kurtis

It is all about comfort and style in the summer weather.  When you are looking for an outfit that will give you a stylish look while maintaining a good body temperature you need to look through some collections of modern summer kurtis. Denim kurti, flaring, asymmetrical, and chiffon and side slits are some of the famous summer wear.

Embroidered jumpsuit

Most jumpsuits are loosely made, especially around the bottom area. They are buggy like dhoti pants and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although jumpsuits are indo-western, they give you a very chic look. You can make it more fun by choosing a floral, ombre, embroidered or patterned look. Bright colors and hues also make a jumpsuit more fashionable.

Final word

If you are a fashion lover, there is no limit to how your creativeness and style can grow. When you feel like throwing on an outfit that may not be age-appropriate do not let anyone stop you.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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