If you have a foodie in your life, gifting them a cookbook is always a good idea.


1. A Baker’s Life

Famous as a judge on The Great British Bake Off, Paul Hollywood is back with yet another cookbook, and this one packs in 100+ of his best baking recipes.

Each chapter explores different decades of Hollywood’s life, from learning the basics at his father’s bakery to his time working in the Middle East.

Try your hand at the hazelnut cappuccino cake or garlic baguettes and make tea-time doubly special.


2. The Anne Of Green Gables Cookbook

Based on the children’s series Anne Of Green Gables by LM Montgomery, this cookbook written by author’s granddaughter, Kate Macdonald, brings to life all the dishes mentioned in the story, including Anne’s favorite, raspberry cordial.

Sprinkled with quotes from the story, the cookbook is a real treat with all its whimsical illustrations.


3. The Wholesome Kitchen

Pooja Dhingra, founder of Le 15 Patisserie, and nutritionist Viddhi Dhingra create a book of healthy bakes, smoothies, salads, desserts, and breakfast meals.

And the best part?

Each recipe is sinfully good, but minus the guilt. As divine as everything looks, the recipes use locally available ingredients and contain easy-to-follow instructions.

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