How to Create a Winning Customer Journey

People value the experience of interacting with your company as much as they do the product or service you sell. In today’s competitive world, if people don’t like the experience your business offers, then they can easily go to a competitor that offers the kind of experience they are looking for. A key part of creating this experience is developing a winning customer journey.

The customer journey is a combination of all the experiences a customer goes through when interacting with your company. From the first interaction that a customer has with your company to the last, they want to feel valued, and they want to have a positive experience. 

By working on your customer journey, you can help make your customer experience a positive one and do wonders for your business


1. What Emotions Do You Want to Elicit?

Humans are emotional beings, and much of our feelings towards a company are based on emotions. Depending on what products or services you provide, you’re going to want to elicit different emotions from your customers. 

For example, if you’re a night club owner and someone is enquiring about making a booking, you’re going to want to inspire very different emotions to a funeral director responding to an enquiry about funeral services. One wants to inspire excitement and energy, the other compassion.

If your customer journey elicits the wrong kinds of emotions, then it’s going to have a big impact on the customer experience.


2. Understand What You Want to Achieve

Not everyone’s customer journey is going to look the same because different customers want different things from different businesses. This means you need to understand who your customers are and what they want before you go about crafting your customer journey.

Companies have access to so much data about their customers, and if you don’t, there’s lots of technology to help you get the information you need. Make the most of these resources and take the time to understand what your customers want. Once you understand your customers, you can craft a customer journey that’s going to enhance their experience.


3. Find Your Touchpoints

How to Create a Winning Customer Journey

At what points do your customers meet you? There are lots of different ways customers can interact with you (phone, email, contact forms, live chat, social media, etc.) Each touchpoint should be seen as a chance to create a positive interaction with your customer. 

List your touchpoints and the actions your customers perform when interacting with your brand and find ways of improving efficiency. 


4. Solve Problems

If a customer experiences a problem, it doesn’t automatically mean they’ve had a bad customer experience; in fact, it’s an opportunity to give good customer experience. What kills customer experience is an inability to solve problems. 

It’s vitally important that you’re able to solve your customers’ problems quickly and efficiently. In customer experience, after-sale care is just as important as everything else that goes before it, and people need to feel like you’re taking their problems seriously. 


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