Cryptocurrency OMS For Investors To get The Best Execution

It is now possible for investors to trade with all exchanges simultaneously thanks to the Cryptocurrency OMS system. Global connectivity has been leveraged across 160 crypto exchanges making it possible for investors to trade just with a single click on a single platform in order to get the best execution.
The system comes with all these benefits:

  • Compliance- it provides a framework which satisfies even the most stringent requirements of the hedge fund.
  • Exchange integration- high-end technology is utilized to display useful information across 1,400 Cryptocurrencies. This is especially important in a compliance vetted environment.
  • Identity verification- an established web root of trust is the basis when giving role-based identities. This creates a layer of transaction accountability.
  • App Ecosystem- Third party app developer can develop powerful tools thanks to the open ecosystem. It is a useful tool in traditional and Cryptocurrency both assets. All this is made possible when meeting most current compliance requirements.


All About Cryptocurrency OMS

It is no doubt that Cryptocurrency OMS  has become a global phenomenon for most people. On the other hand, other financial institutions like banks and companies are aware of its importance.
Major Banks and big accounting firms are always researching about the new trends in Cryptocurrencies. Basically, Cryptocurrencies are entries which are taken in form of decentralized consensus-database. The process is secured by means of strong cryptography and as such, they are not secured by a certain organization or people but by math. As such the probability of a Bitcoin address being compromised is highly unlikely to happen.

Transactional Properties

Here are some properties of Cryptocurrencies that set it apart from its monetary properties.

  • Irreversible- a transaction cannot be reversed after confirmation. Not even the bank has the ability to do this. Once an investor sends this money nothing can be done to reverse the situation.
  • Pseudonyms- the accounts and transactions of investors are not connected to real-world A person will receive Bitcoins on a specific address which is a random set of chains with around 30 characters. Although analyzing the transaction flow can be a little problematic, it may not be possible to establish the identity of users who are using those addresses.
  • Fast and global- the time taken to complete a transaction is almost immediately and it is confirmed in a couple of minutes within the network. All this happens within a global network of computers and so that means that the transactions are completely indifferent of a person’s physical location. It does not matter whether he sent Bitcoin to a neighbor or someone on the other side of the
  • Secure- the funds available in Cryptocurrencies are locked in a public key system. The only person who can send digital funds is the owner of the private key. It is impossible for this scheme to be compromised due to strong cryptography and big numbers making it a secure platform.
  • Easily accessible- an investor does not need to ask for permission in order to use Cryptocurrencies. It is free software that is available for anyone around the world to download. After installation, a person can send and receive Bitcoin as long as they want. No one hinders them from doing so.


Monetary Properties of Cryptocurrencies

One of the features of Bitcoin is controlled supply. Since most of the Cryptocurrencies limit token supply, eventually supply decreases and will reach the final number in the years to come. The supply of token is controlled by a schedule which is written in the code. That means it is possible to roughly calculate the monetary supply of Cryptocurrency in the future.
On the normal banking system, one is used to seeing the numbers on the ledger which often represent debt. However, on this digital system, no debts are represented. The figures just represent themselves and they stand for hard cash.
In order for one to fully understand the revolutionary impact of Cryptocurrencies, he or she should consider both parties. Bitcoin is digital money which cannot be reversed and has pseudonyms means of payment. As such, it is often viewed as hindering the banks and other financial institutions from being in full control over the monetary transactions of individuals. No one can prevent a person from using Bitcoin, accept payment or complete a transaction.
Such money that has no limited control attacks the scope of monetary policy. Central banks cannot manipulate the monetary supply.

What Is Blockchain?

One of the common features found in all Cryptocurrencies is the use of distributed ledger technology and it is aimed at removing all third parties from their systems. These are shared databases on which all information regarding the transactions is recorded.
This technology used to achieve this is called blockchain technology. It is a collection of all the records of transactions that have ever happened. These blocks are the group of information added one by one and can result in a very long list. Once this information is added to the blockchain, no one or organization can make any changes to it or delete it. The information will always stay in the blockchain and everyone can access it.
The whole database can be located on a stored network of thousands of computers and these are called nodes. The only time new information can be added to these computers is when there are more than half of the nodes in agreement with the new information and confirms it to be valid and correct. In the digital currency space, this is called consensus.
However, in a normal bank situation, the data containing various transactions is stored inside the bank. It is the jobs of the staff to ensure that no invalid transactions are conducted. This is what is referred to as verification. This idea is the main thing that sets cryptocurrency banking apart from the normal banking system. Cryptocurrency data transactions are verified through a process called mining.


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