Data Ingestion: The First Step for Data-Oriented Businesses

In every business, data is crucial in making decisions regarding marketing strategies, challenging solutions, and future growth. But acquiring data and analyzing it to obtain solutions is a delicate process that has steps.
One of the most critical steps is data ingestion. It is a process of gathering data from many sources and putting it in one place. In addition to the data collected by the sales and marketing teams, from the customer care desk, and at the point of sale, businesses also gather customer information from the web, social media platforms, and other external sources to make data insights. All this should be ingested into one place using the right process. That said, there is more for company managers and entrepreneurs to know about this crucial step of preparing data for analysis.

Common Challenges in Data Ingestion

This crucial step of data ingestion does not come without challenges. Whether you run a B2B, B2C, or any other institution that serves customers, it is worth knowing the common challenges you are likely to face during the data ingestion process.

  •       Complexity – In a big data world, there are many sources of data that can help businesses. But it trickles in so fast that it becomes a complex process to ingest all of it. Sometimes, you might be torn in between what to take and what to leave out.
  •       Lack of data ingestion tools – As we are going to see, the best data analytics software should have a data ingestion feature that is very efficient. Unfortunately, many businesses are still struggling to have an effective data ingestion feature or even a data analytics tool altogether.
  •       Cost – Startups and even experienced businesses that are financially struggling might not have the finances to fund data ingestion processes. For sure, it is a crucial step that requires money to buy relevant data from paid databases, not to mention a premium data ingestion tool.

Qualities of a Perfect Data Ingestion Tool

Whether you have an independent data ingestion tool or have one that is integrated into your data analytics tool, it should have functional qualities to help you achieve your goals.

  •       Speed – Data should be available to make decisions such as marketing insights. In a world of big data, you need a data ingestion tool that is very fast.
  •       Efficiency and accuracy – Again, for a company to make the right data-guided decisions, they need reliable data. These tools are guided by certain algorithms so that they only ingest accurate and relevant data for high efficiency.
  •       Regular updates and support – Any software or app should have regular updates and support. And this is the benefit of using a reliable paid company to provide you with a premium data analytics tool.
  •       Data security – Lastly, it is a must for your data ingestion tool to have the right security features to protect all the data from being stolen or being misused.

Final Word

As of now, you know what data ingestion is and what the best tool should look like. Hence, if you are in business, it is important that you consider this first crucial step of data analytics carefully.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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