Dateclub and some Amazing Dating Stories to Know

The world of online dating has its own unique charm.

Over the past few years, online dating has increased in popularity due to many obvious reasons. Hundreds of online dating sites are competing out there, trying to make the services more and more transparent and effective. People today look for some of the best dating sites, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Tastebuds, and Dateclub are just a few of those renowned ones. Dating is, doubtlessly a fun and worth experiencing (if you are of legal age) encounter. Here is Dateclub and some amazing dating stories to know.


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Date number one will surely be awkward in some way or another, and hence, we have got you covered with such exciting Dateclub stories that will keep you laughing. Before we head towards some funny ones, let’s take a look at stories of two of the most renowned personalities. First, we have Mark Zuckerberg, the mind behind Facebook.


On the other side, we have the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. Let’s take a look!


Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s Love Story: A Timeline of Absolute Love


The best happiness in life is to love and be loved


Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla

The social platform leader, Mark Zuckerberg, created a name for him when he launched Facebook. He is among the youngest billionaires and smartest minds in the media market. Though, the self-made man is not quite different in the love department. Similar to others, he also has a romantic love story to tell.

It is always said, behind every successful man there is a woman (or maybe a dating club); this was proved yet again by Priscilla Chan. This is the woman who came into the limelight when the world got to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s lady love. These college sweethearts met at quite unusual places, in the washroom waiting line at a party in the year 2003. It was not a regular meeting intended to affect numerous people on the Internet; rather it was just a meeting of two souls. Hence, the love story began!


Soon, Mark began dating this college sophomore from Boston. After a while, he decided to drop out of college to run his corporation, later named Facebook. Their true love defied distance. Regardless of the distance and Mark’s workaholic nature, Priscilla stood by him through thick and thin, supported him during all the major, life-changing decisions. Love never knocks! They began their relationship when the now billionaire was nothing but a student. Their magical love and commitment bond was stronger than fame/fortune.


Priscilla was a positive constant throughout his journey, from a college student to a social media king.

Priscilla motivated Mark to endorse organ donation on the Facebook platform, also she was among the firsts to join Facebook. When Mark shifted to California, their irrevocable love made his girl shift along with him to pursue medical science at the University of California.


Priscilla is a strong-willed woman who never let success get through his man’s head. In their dating days, she had presented strict rules for his lover. The list included a minimum of 100 minutes of solo time as well as one date night each week. She made sure his renowned fiancé balances his work and personal life.

The couple tied the knot eventually in 2012 after dating for nine years since college. The low-key couple invited their friends to Priscilla’s graduation party in order to disclose their secrecy of marriage. Mark declared it their wedding day in the presence of hundred visitors. The couple got married in the home backyard and chose Italy as their honeymoon destination. Their remarkable love proved that college relationships do last and love is beyond any boundary of races as well as nationalities.


SRK and Gauri Khan, the Story of a King



True love always finds its way as Gauri & SRK found there.  Like every couple, they also date each other for 5 years, and then they get married.

shahrukh gauri

Being in love is not that easy for them they struggle to survive, and the dating love story of Mrs. Khan and Mr. Khan is worth telling.


The first time met at a common friend’s party, At that time SRK is only 18 years old. The first time he saw her dancing with another guy, SRK was very shy so couldn’t ask her to dance. Finally, he gathered courage and ask her to dance, she rejected. Then he got to know that the boy with Gauri was dancing was her brother so SRK called her and said “you can consider me as your brother”. So now the love story begins.


They started dating each other. They both are very different personalities. Gauri is very independent and an extrovert person but SRK was a very possessive boyfriend. He always stoked her to going out alone; he didn’t even like it when she goes out and open her hair. But Gauri didn’t like this and she decided to take a break. She left for Mumbai without telling SRK. When she gone SRK realized that he truly loves Gauri. SRK was very close to his mother so he told everything about Gauri. His Mom supported him and gave him 10k rupees to go to Mumbai and bring her back. SRK and his friends searched everywhere in the city but they didn’t find Gauri.


One day SRK was on the beach of Mumbai, the same time Gauri was there.


They saw each other and broke down and were crying in each other’s arms. At that moment they decided to live together and get married. But this is not it. Now the real drama began. They both are from different religions. She belongs to a Brahmin Hindu family and SRK was Muslim.


In our country, there is not enough to get marry that if boy and girl love to each other, there are some more steps like same religion, same thoughts and many more. So SRK and Gauri also struggle for their love.


To the love that they wanted to last forever. That time SRK was unsettled and they both were so young. So, they struggle a lot to live together. And after 5 years of dating each other, they tied a knot.


SRK said that “My love for Gauri is very intense; she is the most important part of my life.”

While Gauri says, “He was and he has been the only man with whom I went out.”

After 25 years of marriage, they are deeply in love with each other.


These stories are special, the way one can achieve the love goals, find the special someone after endless efforts.


But, not everyone has the same luck when it comes to true love. Here are some unbelievable, fully, and heat-wracking stories.


When a Woman Pays for the Cab


Woman Pays for the Cab

From a bunch of garbage dates, this one is sure to make people ROLF!


I met this guy on Tinder and at the first glance on the profile made me feel like I have hit a jackpot. I had been on a date with this guy twice (unfortunately), and his way of talking and exceptional grammar while texting was quite impressive!


He was good-looking and was looking like a complete package, something different from the pool of Tinder. The very first date was really good and I didn’t mind when he offered me a drink (a hard one). We had a great two-hour-long conversation and didn’t feel like I am getting bored. Maybe because we both were talking about each other’s profession, that made the conversation long and never-ending.


But, things turned unexpectedly and surprisingly when it was time to leave.


I ordered a cab to drop me home, and suddenly this Tinder guy jumped in, asking if I can share the taxi! Well, I am not sure what was the point of asking when you are already in the cab. Though we lived nowhere near to each other, conversation in the cab was full of pauses and silence, maybe because I was shocked with his action of getting in the cab all of a sudden.


Thankfully, reaching his flat didn’t take so long, he jumped out of the cab and didn’t even worried about paying for his fare.


Okay fine, and I went for another date, as mentioned earlier he was handsome, he scored another date.


The same thing took place on the second date, and I decided, if I am the one who is going to pay your fair, Goodbye Dumb!!


Broken Heel, and Destroyed First Impression


Broken Heel

Awkward, disappointing, unexpected, or soul-crushing, whatever you name it, my first date was almost my last one.


Only a handful of profiles strike in my mind when I open my online dating accounts, and this guy, Mark was one of them.


I texted him within seconds, got his reply after a few minutes. Even the texts turned in the way I wanted, after a couple of days chatting, he asked for a date (that’s what I was waiting for).


Didn’t sleep a wink the night before the date, maybe I wanted this to be the first and last date of my life, wondering if I got the right person on the very first attempt.


On the big day (yes it was big being the first date), I found myself chasing perfection for Mark. I wanted to look stunning, make him fall in love with me. Black bodycon dress, the waterfall braid hairstyle, and I did a hell of lot of things to attract Mark.


Everything was feeling perfect to reach the dateclub, he was there with a red rose in his hand. I found mark much better looking than on his profile.


When I felt it’s all perfect, the table turned, almost turned. He pulled up a chair for me, the moment I was about to occupy the chair, my right Stilettos broke and I lost my balance completely. With the hope to recover, I grabbed the tablecloth that made things worse.


A glass of water and other stuff kept on the table poured on me. Mark quickly gave me a hand. I felt it’s all gone wrong. What impression did I make? What must be going through Mark’s mind? I felt stressed and clueless about what should I do now.


I rushed to the washroom and took some deep breaths. I realized I am no more comfortable as things have turned messy. Mark was quiet for a long and was understanding the situation, I told him I have to leave as I am not well, he got me that I am lying and still allowed me to leave. Mark was disappointed too, his silence said everything and we are still waiting for any of us to initiate the second date.


Lesson learned: Be careful with your heels when you are out dating or better opt for flats.


Now I know why I hated braces a lot!


why I hated braces a lot

What makes a neighborhood truly great for a girl? Of course, having a tall, handsome, and well-built friend (or more than that).


I always felt lucky to have Brett as my neighbor and friend, I used to share and everything with him, we use to text each other day in and day out. We are good friends, that all my parents knew about both of us. Brett was very caring and supportive, he was always there in need, that’s what I loved about him.


A saying goes like this- A girl and a boy can’t be friends; our friendship was no exception. I realized, a girl and a boy can be friends, but “Not for so Long”.  The way he used to stare at me when I am busy doing yoga on the terrace, the entire story was clear to me. And, I am not sure whether I do yoga to stay fit, or Brett was the reason.


No doubt, I wanted him too, I loved everything about him, except his braces, I hate braces!!

My mom and dad, being a working couple, went for a business meeting, telling me to stay at home.


When my parents left, I had more than half of the day to be alone at home, getting bored was obvious. Even the girls have the limits of clicking selfies while making pouts when they are alone in their bedroom.


I grabbed my phone and asked Brett if he was doing well. As usual, he replied within seconds.

I have taken a day off, just to relax and spend some time watching football- Brett said.

The mischievous bugs started biting all over my body.


There’s no one at home, how about watching a game of football together? – I replied.

My heartbeats started running like a tracer bullet when he replied- ‘He would love to”.

The bell rang, and it was Brett, I asked him to come in, he followed me to the living room.

The chit-chat began and I asked him if he needs something. It was all an exciting feeling, having Brett at home.


He asked for a cup of coffee, I rushed to the kitchen, prepared two cups of cappuccino, it was all like a coffee date at Dateclub.


The look into the eyes while sipping coffee was telling everything he wanted (I never wanted to miss the moment). My sexy feet with long toes in sandals under the table didn’t ask for permission and reached to his feet, gave him all clear instructions of my intention and interest.


He was fast in catching the love signals, and he came closer silently to kiss me. The very first time, I was experiencing his body odor, his broad shoulders, and his lips on mine. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for long as after only a couple of minutes of kissing, I tried going deep in his mouth, and then I came to know why I always hated braces.


My upper lip got badly stuck in his braces, resulting in a hell of lot of pain and scrunched-closed eyes. He realized the same and told me to calm down (How could I?). I couldn’t take the pain for long and I started crying. Brett knew he can’t push me, it will need a great technique to separate my lip from braces, he was trying to find a way out.

I thought this was the worst thing that could happen that day, but I was wrong. My mom dad arrived early than they were supposed to. Steadily, we moved towards the door, we had no way out apart from opening the door.


The look of shock on mom and dad’s faces, and I started to shiver.


“What the Hell is Going on Here”? Asked dad. As expected, Oh! My GOD! Said, mom. Now we were in double trouble.


Terrified, Brett said, Sorry, Sorry, I can explain! (I was wondering how someone can be so intelligent to give an explanation in such a situation). Just take me out of your braces first, I shouted.


Seeing me in trouble, mom dad calmed down (a bit) and came to help.


After 15 minutes of struggle, they were able to take my lip out of his stupid braces. Dad told Brett to get the hell out of my house. Brett rushed to his home.


It took my parents a few days to come out of the shock, and a few weeks for me to regain their trust.


Ultimately, it was the worst first coffee date experience at my home, really worst.


Never judge a book by its cover and a Man by His Dating Profile


Never judge a Book by its cover

On my first date with this guy Sam, I went out for drinks at a bar after having a romantic dinner.


He was very charming and I really liked him. I had an amazing time and was quite satisfied with this guy after going on disastrous dates with 3 horrible guys. After getting quite wasted, I got in his car and asked him to drop me home.


I began giving directions towards my place to him. Suddenly he got weird and aggressive and started shouting, ‘No! You are not supposed to go home. We will hang out at my place. It will be fun and all that crap.’


All this nonsense was basically to sleep with me. It was my first date, come on. It was my rule to sleep with a guy only after the fifth date.


But Sam really turned into a whole different person after getting into the car. I was dumbstruck and it sucked so much because I liked him a lot and he came out as a wonderful person on our first date. He gave me compliments on our entire date and even insisted to pay for my dinner. I told him to go fuck himself.


He asked me to get out of his car and literally abandoned me in the middle of nowhere at 3 AM. I was super confused and agitated; I had to book a taxi online in drunk mode. Though I am relieved he showed his true colors at last.


The One with Nasty Comments


Nasty Comments

I went out on a coffee date with this girl Elena I met online. We chatted for around 45 minutes, usual first date subjects such as family, life, travel, etc. It was going great until she questioned, ‘Where did you go for undergraduate studies?’ Okay, I have a quite nice job, but this question set the bar very high for a person who never went to college.


She not only assumed that I attended college but also assumed that I was going to some fancy college for post-graduation. I replied that I attended some technical school and then joined a decent company, and then she stared at me as if I have spoken some foreign language and she had completely no idea of what I was talking about.


Clearly, this date was not going the way I had expected as I was failing to pass her minimum requirements list.


After a while, she managed to break off her stunned stare, put her hand on her forehead in a disappointing way, briefly inhaled, and exclaimed Yuk! She took her iPhone out of the bag and murmured to herself while she typed, ‘He did not even attend college.’ In my head, every keystroke of the phone sounded like shattering of my heart in pieces.


She pressed few more buttons on her phone, probably sending this message to her BFF.


She kept her phone away, glanced at me, took a deep breath, and said, ‘That’s fine! Not every person is capable of attending college.’ She faked a smile, laughed awkwardly, and continued to look at me as I am an alien, just landed on Earth from a spaceship.


In my mind, I was like, ‘Hell yeah! I know it is fine to not attend college.’ I was shocked by her rude behavior and she later tried to act as if everything is fine, nothing strange happened. Maybe, she still thought that if a child covered her eyes while playing hide and seek, one would disappear.



There are times when things may go wrong and all you can do is to stay prepared for the worst. Dating on different online sources such as Dateclub and others is never a child’s play. It’s a skill that only a handful of people know. So, make sure all your dates go well and you get the love of your dream.


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