Décor DIYs: Lighting Ideas

Follow these super simple and fun DIYs to create cute lamps that will add to the charm of your space.

Décor DIYs: Lighting Ideas

Décor DIYs: Lighting Ideas

Chic Lampshade

You’ll need:

White shade lamp

Glue gun

Glue sticks

3 to 5 yards of fabric of your choice


  1. Cut a small slit into the fabric in the same directions as the seams in the fabric run.
  2. Next, tear the fabric into strips of different lengths so as to get roses of different sizes.
  3. Twist one of the strips of fabric and place on the table. With the left hand, hold the end of the left side of the strip down and with your right, wrap the remainder of the strip around the center starting point (while keeping it twisted). This should make the stripe look like a cinnamon bun.
  4. Now use the hot glue gun to hold the flower securely together. Do this for the remainder of the stripes.
  5. After you have put all of your roses together, glue them into the lampshade in the pattern that you’d like and you’re done!


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