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New books by Indian authors to read.


1. Pretty Vile Girl

By Ricky Khosla

Our protagonist is Jazmeen, a Bollywood starlet, who is in a relationship with a powerful politician.

She holds in to a menacing secret and will go to any lengths to get what she wants.

Bollywood, politics and the underworld- each page of this book oozes with delicious drama and will have you scrambling to finish the book right from page one.

Published by: Bloomsbury Publication

Price: INR 499


2. A Ticket To Syria

By Shirish Thorat

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to better understand the situation in the Middle East.

The story revolves around Zahi, who is looking forward to a family vacation, but her life changes completely.

Her husband sings the entire family up for jihad and what follows next ensures that you don’t put the book down until you finish.

Though a work of fiction, Zahi’s character is bound to haunt you long after you finish the book.

Published by: Bloomsbury Publication

Price: INR 399


3. Pinto Has An Idea

By Rajeev Saxena

The author combines science and love in this refreshing debut novel. Dr. Pinto is from a small town and he makes it big, thanks to his inventions.

He goes on to marry Lavanya, his partner in research. When a certain corruption-eradicating idea leads to Pinto stepping into politics, everything falls apart, including his marriage.

This book is simple, light and interesting.

Published by: Bloomsbury Publication

Price: INR 399


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