Die-cut Another Day: 5 die cutting ideas you HAVE to try in 2022

So, you’ve got a die cutting machine. Not only that, you have the dies and paper to go with it! Unfortunately, sometimes we hit a creative roadblock – even with all of the products in the world. When this roadblock comes, don’t stress. We have the ideas you need to get your creativity back in motion. If you feel like you’re ready to pop with inspiration, eagerly waiting to unleash your inner creativity, here are five die cutting ideas you HAVE to try in 2022. 

Branch out into Vellum

If you’re looking to make sweet cards, and other paper-based goodies for friends, a brilliant way to add dimension into your creations is through vellum paper! Multi-functional and transparent, layer up your vellum in the die-cutting machine and construct 3D cards full of interesting design and texture.

Use Lace Dies

Lace is a timeless design that never goes out of style. For crafting projects in the works, lace offers the perfect classic touch to enhance your project. Unfortunately, many of us can’t handle the difficulty and expense of actual lace, and we understand why! Instead, recreate the design in paper through the useful assistance of a die cutting machine. There are websites that offer a range of ornate dies to choose from, so you can produce complex cuts with a wave of your hand. 

Try Partial Die Cutting

For thank you cards, birthday, congratulations, or wedding RSVPs, partial die cutting adds a unique touch to any design. This refers to the cutting out of only part of an image, say the wings of a bee or the petals of a flower, and leaving the rest of the image flat on cardstock or scrapbooking paper. With this technique, create shadows, the illusion of artful layering, and the ability to hide cute sentiments between the folds of paper. 

Die Cut Tassels and Fringe

If there’s anything a good crafting project needs, it’s texture! Tassels are trendy at the moment and can be found in a range of trinkets and paper-based gifts. Luckily, you can replicate the fabulous texture of tassels and fringe in a die cutting machine. Add these tassels to bookmarks, cards, layouts, décor and more. 

DIY Home Décor 

If you want home décor with a sweet, innovative twist, make use of your die cutting machine to make artful butterflies, bunting, frames and tags. These adorable items can be strung up around the home, bringing magic back into drab and unadorned rooms. We don’t realise how much our home décor is missing that little bit of homemade magic, until we see our die cutting creations in action! 

For a digital cutting table unlike any other, try Duplo International. With a renowned history in efficient and high-quality automation, a Duplo International die cutting machine can handle an extensive variety of materials, to mass produce a diverse range of metal shapes and images. Get busy with your creativity and start crafting today. 

And there you have it – 5 fantastic die cutting ideas that you absolutely must try in 2022.



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