16 Easy Diet Plans That Work For Teenagers to Mommies

16 Easy Diet Plans That Work For Teenagers to Mommies

No matter your age, your body is constantly changing, so it is vital that you eat enough good quality food that delivers the right nutrition and energy you need.

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Over 1/3 of the adult American population is suffering from Obesity which is a major cause of chronic ailments.

What’s more, it starts off when we are young and becomes grave as we age and hit adulthood.

For teenagers, eating healthy food can be fun, but it can also be challenging especially as the shape of their bodies change.

These physical changes, most of which are unexpected, can also be difficult to deal with, what with the external pressure from friends and peers to look a certain way.

The body also demands more calories at this stage, than any other time in life, with boys requiring about 2,800 calories daily, and girls 2,200 calories.

However, it doesn’t mean you should go on a crash diet because your body won’t get the nutrients it needs as you’re still growing.

If you’re a mom, you have a lot more on your plate, besides the dynamics of your lifestyle from the home front to the workplace.

There are some smart and easy diet plans that work for teenagers to mommies – from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that everyone can enjoy.

Pick some and alternate the days for easier, hassle-free planning.


What Should You Eat?

Ideally, you want to eat a balanced variety of foods from grains, bread, and cereals, which are rich in carbohydrates that give your brain and muscles the energy they need.

These foods are also an excellent source of B vitamins and fiber. Without them, you may feel run down and tired so you must try and include them in every meal.

Fruit and veggies offer the minerals and vitamins that boost your immunity, keeping you from falling sick. The daily recommendation is 2 servings of fruit and five for veggies.

Foods like fish, legumes, meat, nuts, eggs, and chicken are great protein and iron sources. For teenagers, especially girls, these foods offer much-needed iron, especially during their period.

Iron makes red blood cells that carry oxygen around your body, so when it is in short supply, conditions like anemia can develop making you feel light-headed, tired, and short of breath.

For growth and healthy muscles, protein should be included in your diet plan, otherwise, it can delay or stunt your height and weight as you go through adolescence.

Dairy foods like cheese, milk, and yogurt help build teeth and bones while keeping your nerves, heart, and muscles in proper working condition.

Fluids like water and fresh juices help keep your body hydrated so you don’t feel thirsty or tired. Let’s look at some easy diet plans for teens and mommies:


Diet Plans for Breakfast
Diet Plans for Breakfast


This is the first meal of the day.

Pick fast and easy items for breakfast so you don’t have to overthink what to eat, especially on busy mornings.

Add plenty of grains to your day, and probably switch things up on weekend mornings.

Some easy diet plans for breakfast would include:


  1. Good ol’ breakfast cereals

Go for cereals with high fiber and low fat, and little sugar.


  1. Whole-grain toast with peanut butter, or, baked beans on toast

Whole-grain bread is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fat, and three types of fiber: insoluble, soluble, and resistant starch.

Because it has a dense wholemeal flour base and lots of seeds and grain, it keeps you feeling full, plus you get the added benefit of healthy omega 3 fats. Easily among the best of diet plans.

Adding peanut butter ensures you get more from breakfast as it is high in protein and contains essential minerals.


  1. Yogurt with muesli (berries and granola)

Get some muesli and add to a glass of yogurt for a fresh burst of energy in the morning. It also keeps you feeling full for some time, so you’re not tempted to overeat.


  1. An assortment of fruit

If you’re looking for clean and green diet plans, one mouthful of exotic fruit salad in the morning would be great. You can almost feel the sunshine as you start your day.



Diet Plans for Lunch
Diet Plans for Lunch


A homemade lunch is a great strategy for good nutrition. You can make simple sandwiches with turkey, lean meat or tuna, and add loads of vegetables on whole-grain bread.

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of sandwiches, make a salad and throw in some almonds, chicken strips, and creamy dressing.

Create some easy, healthy snacks a part of your diet plans. You can pick the ones that you like at home and pack those for your school or office lunch. These can be:


  1. A veggie pizza

Besides being a favorite appetizer for many people, a veggie pizza is a delicious, low-fat lunch that offers the nutrition your body needs to replenish lost energy.

Create your own colorful pizza with a rainbow of crunchy veggie toppings and wash it down with a glass of water, fresh juice, or a smoothie.


  1. Whole-wheat tortilla roll-up filled with tomatoes, turkey, and spinach

This colorful snack meal is fun to make and seriously tasty among the list of diet plans. You can use other veggies and some firm fruit that may be in available where you live.


  1. Skewers with chicken or turkey, and cheese, tofu, or tomatoes with your favorite dipping sauce

Chicken breast is the leanest cut that’s rich in phosphorus which helps keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong.

Serving chunks of tender chicken on skewers with turkey, tofu, and some ripe tomatoes is a great, healthy twist for a great lunch.


  1. Chicken with salad and avocado in a whole-grain bread roll

Takes your diet plans to the absolute next level by adding some chicken salad and avocado for loads of flavor and juiciness, it is yummy.

Brine your chicken in fresh herbs and spices, and apple juice overnight for the ultimate in texture, and a taste that’s out of this world.


  1. Lettuce, tomato, and beef sandwich with salsa or chutney

This is a flavor-packed, delicious, and well-balanced beef sandwich with lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables in one flavorful bite.

Use crusty whole wheat sandwich rolls, crisp lettuce, roast beef, fresh basil leaves, Swiss cheese, and tomato chutney or salsa for a finishing touch.

It’s sweet and tangy with a lingering spicy kick, imparting lots of amazing flavor for an extra special sandwich, making a perfect diet plan.


  1. Lentil and vegetable soup with a bread roll

Soups are hearty, healthy, and satisfying and you can eat them as lunch to school or work, as an alternative to takeaways or cafe food.

Lentils are pulses that are high in protein and fiber and low in fat. They are rich in iron and can be used in salads and soups like this one. They are highly beneficial for heart health, regulating blood sugar levels, controlling Diabetes.



Diet Plans for Snacks
Diet Plans for Snacks


These are small but frequent bites that you can eat in between meals for extra energy, and concentration. These are mostly called energy diet plans.

They can be assembled the night before so that you stick to your meal plan and make them faster on your way to school or work.

Keep fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt, and dried fruit with you, plus, if you need a ‘pick me up’ beverage to feel more alert or awake, take water, herbal teas, or decaffeinated coffee.

Here are some snack ideas you can incorporate into your easy diet plan:


  1. Vegetable kebabs

Vegetable kebabs are an easy, delicious, and popular go-to snack for those in-between moments at school or work.


  1. Boiled egg and hummus

There are a variety of recipes for hummus but the star ingredient is chickpeas, and these are high in fiber and protein, and over ten different micronutrients.

It is incredibly good for your body and keeps your skin and hair nice and healthy.

As a snack and a diet plan, it’s also very nutritious so you can serve it with crunchy veg or hard-boiled eggs, lovely warm flatbreads or breadsticks.


  1. Whole-wheat crackers with peanut butter and raisins

Crackers are easy and add a bit of flair to your snack time. Dab on some peanut butter and you’re good to go.



Diet Plans for Dinner
Diet Plans for Dinner


Finally, dinner should have a visual and taste appeal as the last meal of the day.

Just like all diet plans, keep it simple, with good portion sizes for protein, veggies, fruits, and if you must have meat, keep the portion about the size of a bar of soap.

Some great dinner ideas include:


  1. Veggie burgers

Whether you’re a hardcore vegan, or you simply love meat-free meals, a veggie burger will hit the spot.

You can make the patties easily, and team them with onion rings and spiced mayo for an absolute treat. Toppings can be varied with your own favorites.


  1. Vegetable stir-fry with brown rice

Vegetable stir fry is the perfect weeknight dinner fix as it’s super-quick to make and packed with vegetables.

Add eggs to this otherwise vegan dish and carrots for vitamin C. This is among the popular diet plans that give your immune system a boost.


  1. Whole-wheat pasta with shredded chicken, peas, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and marinara sauce

This really easy chicken and whole-wheat pasta recipe with simple marinara sauce, and shredded chicken deliver big on flavor – it’s a wholesome dinner for the whole family.


To Summarize

Each of these diet plans is a great option to what you’d ordinarily have for your breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner.

Incorporate these ideas into your daily diet plans for a boost of nutrition and energy, whether you’re a teen, campus-lifer, or mommy.

Got easy, go-to, healthy diet plans? Share with us.