Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Today, we will be going over digital marketing strategies that real estate agents can use to help their online presence.
Marketing has evolved over the years, especially for the real estate industry.
Nowadays, it has all moved digital. In previous years, there have always been things real estate agents have done outside of the digital world for marketing.
These strategies have been effective and a lot of cases, they still are.
However, for a real estate agent to truly grow their business, they need to have a strong digital presence.
With that said, this blog will provide you with tips to help you dominate the online world. 

1. Think About Your Niche

Establishing your niche is essential with real estate.
So, you should ask yourself what type of properties you sell.
What neighbourhoods do you choose to sell in?
What is your desired price range for selling a home?
Answering all of these questions will help narrow down what specific niche you want to be in. In the digital world, everything is built off of your niches, such as your website, your marketing campaigns, your target audience, and social media.  

2. Have a Website that Converts

Your website acts as a 24/7 salesperson.
Your website will never call in sick; it can sell thousands of people at the same time and delivers the perfect pitch.
Therefore, you want to have a stunning website, so that will generate a lot of web traffic.
You want to make sure that you have a strong IDX listing program installed on your website.
Having a great website will allow customizing your design and highlight the properties you want to be shown. 
Furthermore, you will also want to make sure you’re optimizing your website for SEO so that it can rank high on Google.
Your website acts as your core in the digital world, and you want to build off it.
Your website is where your marketing campaigns are going to drive traffic to.
Your clients will be looking at your website for research, so you want to make sure your site is fully optimized and user-friendly.
Lastly, always make sure that your website is mobile-friendly since most people will be looking at your site while they are on their smartphones.  
Digital Marketing For Real Estate

3. Have a Social Media Presence

You’re going to want to have a strong social media presence for your niche in your area.
The social platforms you’re going to want to focus on are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
To create a social presence, you’re going to want to post a lot of videos of the properties you’re selling and new ones that come onto the market.
Then, share your videos on your social platforms for your niche. 
This strategy is critical since people are going to be following you on social media, especially when you’re targeting people interested in your niche and the services you offer.
Your audience is going to want to see continuous content and that you’re actively giving them what they need.
Other than videos, think of other creative content ideas that you can share so that you create a never-ending flow of interesting content. 
As you’re posting your content, make sure to spend some money to promote your content.
Promoting your content will get it in front of people on the paid social side as well, and help promote your business to new clients.
Another tip for social is to have your clients message you through social platforms.
This will help you create an on-going relationship with your clients and generate lead flow. 

4. Video is Key for Real Estate

Video is essential for the real estate industry, and you want to think about the questions people ask about your niche.
These questions could be about the neighbourhood you serve, the power tips on those neighbourhoods, and insider information within your neighbourhoods.
A walkthrough video is a great method for answering these questions.
You can also take note of what your customers are asking and answer those questions through your videos. 
As you create this video content, you’re going to start to develop a brand, and you’re going to build your brand as people become aware of you as an agent.
When you produce video content, it allows your client to trust you since there’s a certain amount of personality that comes through a video; that doesn’t come through in written form.
With a video, they will have more of an understanding and a relationship with you. 

4. Integrate a CRM

CRM is critical to businesses today, and for agents, it’s a powerful tool because you can store a vast amount of information.
You can store information about your customers, leads, prospects within the CRM.
Having all this information in one place will give you a better relationship with that customer.
You will also be able to do some sorting and filtering that is based on the information you store. 
For example, if a new property becomes available, you can quickly jump into the CRM and create a list of people that would be interested in it.
Furthermore, you can generate an email campaign that sends them an email with a video you made about that property.
Therefore, CRM makes you a better business person and brings you more revenue in the long-term. 

5. Build Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is enormous.
You should always ask for a review from every buyer and seller that you work with.
Make sure to get a review from them, and even the ones don’t end up buying, ask them for a review about their experience working with you.
The more reviews you have online and the higher your ratings are online, the more business you’re going to get.
When people are research mode, they tend to research for a decent amount of time.
So, before someone reaches out to an agent, they are going to do a spot check on Google, researching the agent’s name and their reviews. 
With that said, if you have a lot of positive reviews, then you’re going to win that person’s business.
So, you must get those reviews, and it doesn’t take long.
All you need to do is ask people to share their experiences with you.

In Summary

The real estate industry is a continually evolving industry.
However, with these digital marketing strategies, you can feel confident that your business will adapt and grow as things change.
It’s important to remember as time goes on, things will change, and you will need to keep looking for new and innovative methods to expand your market and engage with your clients.
Mobile app development is a great way tool that will be utilized in the future.
If you’re interested in app development, contact Ecodelogic today for more information. 


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