Understanding Discourse Community and Its Consequences

You might have heard of discourse communities. What does it indeed mean? What is means to be a part of the discourse community? How can one participate in such a group? What are the consequences of being a part of such a group? The answers to these questions shall be discussed in this article.

Knowing discourse communities better

Discourse means the act of communicating something, and the community refers to a group of people.
So, does the term discourse community refer to a group communicating with each other? Yes, it is so with slight modifications.
It is referred to as a community or a group of people who shares common interests, have a similar passion, and possess shared tastes.
The members of these communities may find themselves having common opinions on specific aspects.

Why prefer discourse communities?

You might have some crazes or passions which people around you might not understand. It is quite natural.
Everybody is made for different things, and every individual is unique in their ways.
The issue is that you might not find it comfortable discussing some passions, tastes, or opinions of yours with the people in your circle.
The result is that you have to keep it to yourselves as either they cannot understand what you say or that they lack interest in what you hear.
You might not have a platform to discuss it. It is the opportunity to talk freely about your interests that these gatherings with the discourse community provide.
People there will have similar interests as you, and you can explore more by deep conversations.
In general, a discourse community can be defined as a group of people who communicates with each other based on a specific topic, a particular field, or an issue.
The members of such a community are deemed to have a common objective or goal.
There are some features or characteristics that define a discourse community.
This is a detailed one by one in the following excerpts.

They can communicate easily with each other

The significance of the discourse community is that they have common goals.
The advantage is that they can communicate well with each other.
They can share their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and passion with others in these communities.
The best part is that these people can understand and can relate to your opinions and dreams.

They provide feedback and information

The members will be able to provide valuable feedback for the smooth proceedings of the community.
They know what is to be done and pay sincere efforts to upgrade the performance of the group.
These reports are necessary to take the group to the next level.

Contains members with a minimum threshold level with a minimum discourse expertise

The members of the discourse community will be selected such that they have minimum qualification to be a participant.
They must be able to discourse well within the group and put up quality ideas based on the level of that group.

Discourse community- consequences

There are several benefits of being a member of a discourse community.
Communication within these groups can be both written and oral. It is your choice, whichever is to be used.
Being a participant in a discourse community helps you grow personally and socially.
Some of these are listed below in the following excerpts.

Improves your communication skills

Understanding Discourse Community and Its Consequences
It is one of the significant benefits that one gets being involved in a discourse community.
You will be able to communicate with each other well as you can relate more with each other.
As the topic interests you, you will be able to talk on it more.
Thus, you get a chance to express yourselves to the right persons who are concerned about what you talk about and give valuable and timely responses.

Instil confidence in you

As you get to confront and communicate with a larger group, you become more confident.
As you are well aware of what you are going to talk about, you become more confident and will be able to present things well.

Make your thoughts clearer

As you rethink and communicate your thoughts, you get a chance to get a clearer vision of what is inside you.
You can hear your inner self-talk, thereby making your thoughts, feelings, and ideas more apparent.

Your thirst for acquiring more knowledge increases

As you get involved in such groups, you identify the reasons to research on the topic.
The primary requirement is adequate knowledge of these fields to speak or write on these.
Only then can you bring up a productive discussion and survive or outshine in the group.
This forces them to conduct vast researches, and their thirst to gain more knowledge increases.

Helps you to unite with people of diverse culture

The group will be beyond boundaries, and hence you get a chance to communicate with people of diverse cultures.

Concluding note

You might have now understood the characteristics of a discourse community and its consequences of participating in it.
If you feel like you want to get involved in such groups with revealing your identity is to seek the help of anonymous blog platforms.
Are anonymous blogs safe? Yes, they are. 
Can an anonymous blog be successful? Indeed, they can be.
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