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1. Your gym routine includes:


A. Hitting the sauna for a quick cry. Tears or beads of sweat? They’ll never know.

B. Pestering the staff to spritz the towels with rose oil. That weight-rack crew seems tense.

C. A brisk walk on the treadmill-exactly what you need to unwind.


2. What’s for dinner?


A. That last slice of bread (that’s only a tad stale) and an IV drip of pinot.

B. Not sure. Your work wife needs to unload at happy hour, so you’ll figure something out after.

C. The latest from your fave gourmet meal service. You don’t do dishes.


3. When the weekend comes, you use your laptop:


A. All day, every day. You’ve even started using it as a heating pad for period cramps.

B. When your roomie needs a brunch rec. You’re a Zomato wizard.

C. As a coaster. Haters say it’s antiquated to stay offline-but guess who still has 20/20 vision?


4. When was the last time you did nothing for 10 minutes?


A. Way back when…Like between episodes of The Jetsons.

B. Hard to say…Does being hold with tech support for mom’s iPad count?

C. Just this morning! You hacked your computer so it goes to sleep mode every hour.


5. You can’t go to bed without:


A. First dozing off on the couch, shoes on, hand in Lays bag, five minutes into trying to catch up on Suites.

B. Checking in your friends’ Instagram/Snapchat passion projects.

C. Closing the blinds, locking the door, and silencing your cell. Your lair turns into a safe room every night at 10.


The Breakdown

Mostly A’s: Burned Out

Current status: system overload. From social obligations to work responsibilities, you’re totally spent. And thanks to technology, there’s no escape. Get outta town! A WiFi-free retreat will let you reset so you can handle life’s obstacles like a champ.


Mostly B’s: Running On Almost Empty

You’re always helping people find Zen but routinely ignoring yourself. Put others’ problems on hold and evaluate your well-being. Some me-time will reveal that you’ve been neglecting your own issues. Tackle those, and you’ll be an even better friend.

Mostly C’s: Full Of Life

You’re so plugged into your limits that you never over-exert yourself. Use that vitality to make the most of every opportunity. Invest extra energy in a specific area of your life (your relationship, your side hustle), and don’t forget to keep planning time to chillax.