Entrepreneurs and Social Media: A Formula for Success

Small business owners have to think about a lot of aspects to running a company, especially if they are entrepreneurs and just starting their company.
Startup companies and entrepreneurs face the same obstacle — how to increase cash flow and market your business when you don’t have any money in the beginning? The catch 22 is they need to market their business to generate cash, but how can they market their business if they don’t have any cash.
Because of this conundrum, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups are turning to social media in droves. They know the fastest way to let people know about their product or service is through social media.
However, many entrepreneurs jump right into social media without determining whether they are doing it correctly or what would be a good fit for them. You can be successful using social media as long as you are wise about how you do it.

Top Sites for Entrepreneurs

This list will help decide whether the site is right for you. Don’t try all of them. Pick a handful and start with those.

1. Entrepreneur Connect 

This site is sponsored by Entrepreneur Magazine. You are able to create a profile, share ideas and explore the community but you aren’t allowed to sell or self-promote. You can connect with suppliers, advisers, and colleagues. The site also comes with professional groups like on LinkedIn and Facebook that will help you with your company.

2. PartnerUp

If you are looking for business resources, this is the site for you. The site allows you to find business opportunities and people that could help your company succeed. Business partners, co-founders, and executives get the most from this site, but if you’re an individual doing everything, you can join too.

3. StartUpNation

This site is popular because it focuses on content and benefits entrepreneurs for those reasons. Entrepreneurs will be prepared for the online world through the site’s articles, forums, blogs, on-demand seminars, and podcasts. The site is providing discussions on a number of topics, such as business planning, marketing, and web-based businesses. You can enter competitions.

4. LinkedIn

The site was designed with small business in mind. Therefore, it makes sense that LinkedIn will have benefits for entrepreneurs. Besides providing job-searching, connecting with others in your industry and building a digital marketing company. The site offers many ways for companies to promote themselves and grow. To be effective, you have brand yourself correctly on LinkedIn to get the right connections and opportunities.

5. BizNik

Although similar to LinkedIn, it’s not a clone. Its tagline is a site that doesn’t suck. The site is made up of freelancers, CEOs and the self-employed. You can share ideas, but you don’t want to post a resume and you have to use your legal name and provide actual data or the BizNik editors will stop your action. You can choose the basic, active for $10 or supporting for $24.

6. Perfect Business

You can meet thousands of entrepreneurs, experts and investors from a number of industries through Perfect Business. This site is great to contract with potential business partners, potential clients, and advisers. Besides networking with other business owners, you also can watch videos to learn from successful entrepreneurs. You can learn how to create a business plan and find investors. Choose either basic or gold membership for $30 a month.

7. Go Big Network

At the Go Big Network, you meet funding sources, service providers and entrepreneurs. When you have a question, you post it, the network sends out the question, and someone in the network answers it for you. Members can contact other members with questions or post ads. Profiles are targeted and specific, allowing you to find the investor to match your business and needs.

8. Cofounder

Are you an idea maker, entrepreneur, programmer, web designer, investor, freelancer or executive? Then, you will want this site. Its main function is to help people start a new web venture. One drawback is this site is 100 per cent private, which means you have to have an account before you can see other members’ profiles. You also have to have a valid address at a university or work. High school students aren’t allowed.

9. The Funded

Entrepreneurs who research, rate and review funding sources are the main participants of this site. You can see and share spreadsheets to help others find good investors. You also can discuss how to run a business.

10. Young Entrepreneur

As the name implies, this site is for those entrepreneurs who are young and curious. It is a great starting point for those who are just starting and aren’t sure about how to go from here. The site serves as a discussion forum. You get forums on e-commerce, search engine optimization, marketing, information technology, and Internet marketing, and franchising. When you join, watch the videos and listen to the podcasts.
In addition to the social media sites for entrepreneurs, you will need equipment, such as laptops, headsets, and backpacks. You should evaluate products through a number of sites before picking the right equipment for you. Entrepreneurs need good tools to do their businesses too. Here are some popular social media tools available for startups.

1. SocialBro

This tool tells you what you need to know about Twitter. You’ll find out analytics about how effective your Twitter account is.

2. Tweetdeck

If you want to manage your Twitter account, you might want to try Twitter’s own Tweetdeck. You can track, organize and engage your followers with it.

3. LikeAlyzer

You can figure out how effective Facebook is for your promotion through this tool. It tells you what changes you should do to your page.

4. FanPage Karma 

You can learn about growth, engagement, service and response time, and of course Karma regarding your Facebook page. This is useful to understand whether your posts are working.

5. Rival IQ

This tool gives you insight into your competitors. It will track brands you pick and watches their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and even search engine optimization.


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