Family Holiday Savings

Here are some clever ideas to save for a great family holiday.


1. Start a Fund

Find a piggy bank or a large glass jar and label it ‘Family Travel Fund’.

Explain what it’s for and place it in a high traffic zone in the house, such as the living room, for family members to contribute allowances, gift money, and spare change.

Remember, every penny counts. Doing this will create closer family bonds as everyone will be working together toward a shared goal, plus it builds excitement as you watch your funds grow.


2. Hold a Weekend Sale

A weekend sale is a great way to declutter the home, as well as kick-start your vacation savings.

Tell the kids to donate items they no longer want. Clothes, books, and knick-knacks are great examples.

Family members should also inform their friends and make an announcement on their Facebook/Snapchat pages.

Have the sale in your garden or living room, and everyone should agree that 100 per cent of the proceeds will go toward the family holiday.


3. Give Up Bad Habits

Is there a smoker in the house? How about a designer bag lover or a sugar addict?

Make a shared commitment to give up these indulgences and put the money that is saved into the vacation fund. This way, everyone gets to shake off an undesirable habit AND have a great holiday.


4. Find Free Fun

Instead of indulging in expensive movie tickets or dinners out, why not look for ways to have fun together, for free or at a very low cost?

Some ideas include going to local museums, libraries and art galleries.

You can also look into memorable, no-cost outdoor activities such as family picnics at your local park or a self-guided walking tour around your neighbourhood.

All the best!


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