Features of Slot Games Explained 

If you showed an early slot enthusiast from the late 1800s an example of one of the hyper-modern online slots on the market these days they really would not know where to begin.
What is this? They would ask.
What do all these features mean? Where is the standard 3 reel and 1 pay line set up I know and love? They would be completely and utterly bewildered – there is no arguing with that. 
But this is far from a bad thing of course, in fact, it is the reason why the slot industry such as megareel.com has become as large as it has, through careful and consistent innovation.
Slot games in the 21st Century have all manner of features designed to make the gambling experience as enjoyable as possible for slot aficionados, something you cannot help but applaud.
The only bad thing is that these features could prove to be confusing to some older players, but we are on hand to help.
Read on for a lowdown on some of the most popular features around today. 

Scatter Symbols 

The vast majority of online slots hitting the market nowadays will have scatter symbols, and as most slot gamblers will tell you, seeing these appear on the reels can only ever be a good thing.
That is because the scatter symbols in most games will grant you a number of free spins, and many developers even stick a multiplier on top of this too! 
It is a good practise making sure you know exactly what icon designates the scatter before you start playing a specific slot game because they always look slightly different depending on the slot you are playing. 

Wild Symbols 

You’re going to want to look out for the wild symbols as well, because these are present in almost all slot games, and will swap with all other standard icons in order to make winning combinations on the reels. 
You can think of a wild symbol in much the same way as the joker in a pack of cards, able to morph into whatever you need it to be! 


Autoplay is a feature that has become very popular amongst online slot fans because it means you can sit back and relax whilst watching the reels spin with no effort from you at all.
Obviously this is a feature you should be wary of because if you are not concentrating well enough you could end up losing out of a win. 
With Autoplay slots, you can now enjoy fun games that require no skills.

Gamble Feature 

Now, the gamble feature isn’t available in all online slots, however, it is definitely worth knowing how it works in case you do come across it.
This feature basically gives you the chance to double or sometimes even quadruple your winnings, the only drawback is you could just as easily lose them all… 

Progressive Jackpots 

Here is a slot feature you will almost definitely love! A progressive jackpot is one that increases after every losing spin, usually across a network of slot games.
The prizes can end up being enormous! 
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