Using Folded Business Cards to Stand Out

Folded business cards enhance your value as you seek to extend the sales pitch beyond your prospects. They are a great way to motivate potential clients, keep them handy, and make purchase sometimes sooner.
People do not need to read the title on the card to know who you are. The folded business cards are flexible, an eye-catching structure, and a variety of ideas to enhance the value of your business.
You could be working in a digitized workplace, but do not discard the relevance of folded business cards as an offline marketing tool.
From the numerous designs of business cards, the folded ones will stand a better chance in helping you market better.
As a serious businessperson, follow these ideas on custom folded business card, and you will stand out from the crowd.

Trying the Die Cuts

These are attention grabbers because they make the folded card more like a new thing your prospects have not seen before.
Box cuts can integrate with it so many ways, such as trying the one-quarter half-folding that reveals whatever is inside the card.
Another example is the most realtors would prefer. It has windows cut out or the groomer’s card that has one slice on the edges of the card. The groom lifts out the edge when the card is folded.
The creativity in such die gives your folded card the appeal that will impress anyone getting hold of it. Their friends will know about the card through your prospects and feel good.
This connection is good to help increase your market and business value.

Add More Value to the Folded Card

Use the space on top of the fold on a half-fold or a tri-fold business card to enhance it. Coupons, punch cards for placing gifts, a sports calendar, or even a medical schedule are all suitable way of adding more value.
You can also try to use it as a redeemable voucher for merchandise and services. Using this approach, you will enforce the marketing value of yourself and the merchandise placed on top of the folded card.
It becomes easy to collect demographic data and fine-tune them to fit your promotional campaigns. The card will lead to getting the audience something they can use several times.

Extend the Sales Pitch

The possibilities you get by using a folded business card will put you in the limelight without so much of an effort from your side.

  • In the case of restaurants, they can add takeout menus to enable easy order processing.
  • Running a retail shop means adding a mini catalogue with attractive pictures and specification of the best products.
  • Listing services and that could also be printed is a good idea.
  • Another way of trying to score high and being bold is to put the tagline on the outer side of the half of a half business card. The logos are placed on one side and contact information in the middle alongside photos.
  • Turn the outside of the folded business card and use it as a walking billboard
  • If you have samples that are small enough, place them on the outer side of the business card.
  • Use the outside well because you are going to style it to look like an invitation card. Let it stay standing on the table to grab attention.


What are the Printing Options of Folded Business Card?

  • To make the card even stand out after designing, use some printing effects like adding the rounded corners or perforation to give your prospective clients the easiest way of separating the two ends.
  • Other elements such as UV coating, metallic inks, foil sampling, and embossing will make the folded business cards stand out.
  • The business environment has picked a competitive attitude, and it requires that you come up with unique marketing skills that will set you apart from competitors. Getting the best printing solution always means picking the right printer with the right solutions.
  • If you want to stand out completely on a custom folded business card, look for the best design that can fit within your customization. If you let the printers do the creations of designs, make sure it is what you want.

It is quite evident that a folded business card has the best opportunity for grabbing the clients’ attention. Using creativity and innovative design, they will want to have your folded card for keeps.
A folded business card is an overlooked but valuable business tool for marketing. The card is one of the best and least expensive ways to help the business stand out from the crowded market.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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