How Are Fountains More Than Just Being A Visual Delight For People?

Do you get mesmerized by the sight of the fountains in your area’s compound, your commercial place?
Love sitting around the fountain water display or feel thrilled watching it by the pond or a lake?
There may be any reason for your likeness of the fountain, but, let’s face it – everyone loves a creative, fascinating, and spellbinding water display through a fountain.
Are you looking to buy a fountain for a pond?
Well, then you should go ahead as it offers so many of benefits, not just the visual delight only, as detailed below:

Works Effectively to Improve the Water Quality – Reduces Algae Growth

The air in circulation is for good, water in circulation is for good.
If you have watched or observed still water in an area then you would have noticed the growth of algae in some time.
This happens because of a lack of oxygen.
Along with this, you can also experience problems related to the water quality because of the release of different gases by the sediments lying in the bottom.
This all is easily eliminated when the water is in circulation improving the aeration, which, a fountain does effectively.
With proper aeration, there is less nutrient inside the water body required by the algae for its growth.
Aeration also results in algae getting less sunlight and growth time, so it leads to their reduced growth.

Provides A Healthier Living Environment to Fish

Who doesn’t love to see fish floating in the pond or the lakes?
Of course, everybody does.
But, still, water is a big problem to their habitat that can be effectively solved by ensuring the growth of a favourable ecosystem for the fish caused by enhancing oxygen levels at the bottom and the surface of the water body.
All thanks to the fountains.

Sediments at The Bottom of the Water Body are Reduced

Similarly to the algae growth, sediments at the bottom are also a menace to the overall ecosystem and health of the water.
Oxygen levels are quite low in the bottom and thus cause low-paced decomposition of the organic matter.
This leads to the continuous build-up of the sediments, which also is responsible for the release of harmful gases.

Mosquito Breeding Decreases

If there is a still water body near your area, then it’s a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.
Having a water fountain inside that can help to control the growth of the larvae and mosquito; an effective water health management policy adopted by bodies around the globe.

There Won’t be Any Odor

With so many issues arising out of the water problems caused by still water, it is obvious that it will also give rise to bad odours.
The main reason for this odour is the hydrogen sulfide gas caused by the sediments at the bottom.
When the water is in circulation, such accumulation of gas won’t happen, thus the bad odour problem reduces effectively.

How to Keep the Fountain Clean and Maintained?

How Are Fountains More Than Just Being A Visual Delight For People
While these clean the water and the water body, with continuous usage fountains also require regular and effective cleaning mechanism in place for your pool or pond, wherever it is possible:

1. Use Distilled Water

If possible using distilled water with the fountains help to reduce material build-up.

2. Keep the water Level Up

For efficient functioning of the pump ensure that it i9s always covered with the water.

3. Clean the Water Body on a Weekly and Monthly Bases

Once every week, make sure to use a net to remove the twigs, leaves, and such debris.
Also, once every month or when water gets a bit dirty drain out the water and refill it again.

4. Clean Fountain Thoroughly Regularly

When you think it’s needed, or when draining the pond or pool, clean the fountain in diluted solution white vinegar.
This helps to remove the build-up of any debris or other materials.
Also, uncover the pump and using a toothbrush or other effective cleaning tool, thoroughly clean the inside removing any deposit of debris.
You can also use hot water and detergent, and ensure to rinse properly before fitting it again in the water body.
It is better to go through the manual of the pump to take note of the cleaning process and implement that in the cleaning process.

5. Disassemble When Necessary

If there is a certain season of frosting in your region, then it is better to disassemble the fountain and put it inside for that period of time, or for an extended period of time when you aren’t using the fountain.

Wrap Up

Water fountains are fun, cool, and visually appealing in appearance as the magic they can create with different attractive types of water display is something to behold.
These are a joy to look at, soothing to hear, and equally effective in keeping the water body ecosystem healthier.
There is no doubt, then, that lakes and pond management programs around the world buy fountain for ponds, swimming pools, and lakes as a primary need.
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