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G Suite, as the name suggests, is a suite of collaboration and productivity tools, cloud computing and software that were developed by Google Cloud.
It is a set of intelligent apps that help you enhance the functioning of your business. 

Advantages of G Suite

  1. Cost-Effective

More than 3 million organisations use G Suite. The reason behind its popularity is that its very cost-effective.
It is more than just an email. It offers various other tools and apps such as Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc that are required by businesses on a daily basis.
Additionally, you don’t need a consultation or a tech team to fix the issues. 

  1. Data Security

A cloud storage solution from Google is bound to be strong and hence, so many organisations trust Google when it comes to the security of their data.
A typical office server locally stores the data whereas G Suite stores information in Google’s data centres which are spread across the globe.
And since all of the information is available on the cloud, it eliminates the need to download files to different devices.
This also reduces the risk of data theft/losing the data. 
Additionally, you have complete control of what your employees have access to. 

  1. Streamlined Communication

G suite is packed with powerful features such as Hangouts that helps bring the entire team along via group chats/video calls.
You can also get custom emails with your domain name such as name@comany.com.
This not only makes it easier for colleagues to remember each other’s email IDs but also makes the organisation look more professional.
Additionally, you get 30 GB data storage (it’s the twice as much as the free version).

  1. Easier Organisation

Schedule appointments, track deadlines, plan projects, organize meetings all via the humble Google Calendar.
It is a single planner that can be used across the organisation to view, update and post on to mark project milestones, meeting times and deadlines.
You can also use colour-coding options to signal changes.
Event reminders can also be sent directly to your email as Calender is directly integrated with Gmail.
The Admin Console allows you to manage devices and users.
You can grant access, create accessibility settings, manage and integrate, contacts, security setting and other business apps. 
It is also compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and other smartphones at no additional cost. 

Final Thoughts

G Suite has helped shift the business culture from slow and tedious to speedy and efficient.
Today, it is used to manage, enhance and improve your business and communication between your employees.
With G Suite, your business gains the power to control operations anywhere in the world all while your organisation’s data remains safe.
What are you waiting for? Try it today and watch your business communications improve at a budget-friendly price.
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